RN Abby Albin says bariatric surgery is well worth the effort

RN Abby Albin says bariatric surgery is well worth the effort

With a combination of her family’s strong history of diabetes, being tired of her weight, chronic fatigue, and thyroid problems, Registered Nurse Abby Albin decided it was time for a major change. Albin works at Methodist Hospital and decided to look into the bariatric options that were offered there. She approached a fellow healthcare worker, Medical Director of the Northwest Indiana Center for Bariatric Surgery at Methodist Hospitals Dr. James Siatras, about weight loss surgery.

She began her weight loss journey with NWI Center for Bariatric Surgery at Methodist Hospitals in March 2019 and had gastric bypass surgery on November 19, 2019.

“I feel great,” Albin said. “I’ve lost about 120 pounds from the beginning of the program until now. I feel like the weight has literally been taken off of me. I have more energy. I feel more confident with a greater sense of self-worth.”

While some may feel that bariatric surgery is the easy way to lose weight, Albin knows first-hand that this is a common misconception.

“Methodist Hospitals’ bariatric program is very thorough,” she said. “I was given monthly guidelines and goals to help establish healthy habits which prepared me for long-term success after surgery. These habits were things like portion control, healthy food choices, reading labels, mindful eating, and regular exercise. The choice to adhere to these lifestyle changes is life-long. Otherwise, there can be consequences and even weight regain.”

While making the daily decision to stick to the post-bariatric surgery lifestyle is no small task, the changes Albin has seen in her weight, mindset, and confidence make the effort worth it to her.

Aside from her self-motivation, she keeps herself accountable through the use of bariatric apps, following social media pages, and blogs of people who are also fighting to maintain post-bariatric surgery lifestyles. Connecting with others allows her to share their experiences, learn new recipes, develop new ideas and strategies, and help support others.

Siatras said he is constantly inspired by the patients he works with.

"We credit the success of all patients like Abby to hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. Working with such individuals makes me and the bariatric team proud to be a part of their weight loss journey."

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