Rittenhouse Village offers “Shine” memory care program

Rittenhouse Village offers “Shine” memory care program
By: Rittenhouse Villages Last Updated: February 14, 2020

Our SHINE program is a unique personalized approach to memory care that uses scientific principles to promote engagement, comprehension, and lifestyle quality for seniors living with dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory-related issues.

SHINE examines six individual points of focus to create a holistic memory care plan that’s specially designed to fit each resident’s needs and abilities.

Communication - A superior communication protocol linking care providers, residents, and their families

Team Member Training - Each Team Member is rigorously trained and SHINE certified with specialized training in dementia

My Story - A personalized biographical journey is used every day as a component of each resident’s care plan to celebrate their life and individuality

Dining - Our immersive dining experience uses subtle sciences to stimulate appetite, interaction, awareness and participation

Life Enhancement - Purpose-driven enrichment through group and one-on-one activities, sensory experiences, parallel programming and relaxed moments

Neighborhood Design - State-of-the-art neighborhood design created with safety and security, convenience and lifestyle quality in mind

For more information about our SHINE Memory Care program, please reach out to one of our Senior Lifestyle Counselors.