Rhame Elwood & McClure, P.C., provide quality legal services and free consultations during pandemic

Rhame Elwood & McClure, P.C., provide quality legal services and free consultations during pandemic

A pandemic doesn’t care about your legal needs, but the attorneys at Rhame Elwood & McClure do. Whether it is adapting to new ways of keeping in contact with clients or offering free consultations to individuals and small businesses during this unprecedented time, the expert team at Rhame Elwood & McClure are here to help.

Thanks to technology and videoconferencing, the team at Rhame Elwood & McClure are able to speak with clients safely while still meeting their needs and addressing their concerns. 

“Our experienced attorneys can meet with you via FaceTime, Android video call, Facebook video, and other electronic means. We know life doesn't stop during emergencies so Rhame Elwood & McClure is available to provide our clients with the services they need,” said Kenneth Elwood, a firm partner.

The COVID - 19 virus has affected everyone, some more than others, as many businesses have had to close their doors and furlough their workforce. The government has been working hard to provide aid, but many may not know the resources available right now. Rhame Elwood & McClure attorneys have been directly involved in advising on relief packages and are working hard to educate the community on options available to them.

“We have spent countless hours digesting both the State of Indiana and the Federal Government’s Emergency Relief Package. We have advised and continue to advise multiple governmental clients and a large Federally Qualified Health Care Centers on these issues, as well as many small business owners and employees,” Elwood said.

Here’s a small breakdown from Rhame Elwood & McClure of the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill that was approved on March 25, 2020.

Emergency Paid Sick Leave

Any part-time or full-time employee who was not at work because they were either directed by their healthcare provider to be quarantined due to the COVID-19 virus or had to care for a child due to school or daycare closures can receive emergency paid sick leave. Businesses may also be able to receive a tax credit equal to wages paid. Call the Rhame, Elwood, and McClure to see if you qualify and what benefits you are eligible to receive.

Expanded Unemployment Benefits

If your place of work has been closed due to COVID-19, unemployment benefits have been expanded to include self-employed individuals as well as those working less than full-time. The one-week waiting period to receive benefits has been waived as well. The Federal government has also included a $600 stipend per week in addition to state benefits. For further details and advice on how to go about receiving your unemployment benefits, contact Rhame, Elwood, and McClure.

Tax Relief for Individuals and Families

Along with extended the tax return deadline to July 15, the government will be issuing tax rebates to individuals and families. Rhame, Elwood, and McClure have broken those rebates down into a few quick facts:

  • $1200 per individual adult ($2400 for joint filers) limited to net income tax liability but in no case less than $600 individual, $1200 joint
  • $500 per child claimed
  • Income limits: $75,000 individual, $112,500 head of household and $150,000 joint. Rebate is reduced by $100 for every $2,000 in income above stated limits
  • Rebate expires December 31, 2020

There are several more tax relief actions for those withdrawing from retirement plans or using retirement plan loans. 

Small Businesses

As many small businesses are closing their doors for the duration of the shelter in place orders, the government has created a few different relief programs. These include employee retention credits, tax relief or payroll tax, and increases in deductions. The team at Rhame, Elwood, and McClure are ready to walk you through your options and see if you qualify for any of the relief aid.

Individuals, families, and businesses don’t have to navigate or try to interpret this information alone. As a respected firm with more than 135 years of experience combined, Rhame Elwood & McClure has the expertise and technology in place to help those facing the legal questions that arise from this particular crisis, right now. Call them today at 219-762-0494 for a free consultation.