Rhame & Elwood Expands, Adding Scott McClure as New Named Partner

Rhame & Elwood Expands, Adding Scott McClure as New Named Partner
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: November 2, 2017

Rhame and Elwood have become noted in the Portage community for their legal knowhow and prowess in a diverse array of areas within the law, including: Criminal, Family, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Corporate, Mechanic Leins, Collections, Worker’s Compensation, and Wills/Estates.

With such an expansive base of legal expertise, Rhame and Elwood are seeking to grow their practice and have announced that attorney Scott McClure will become a named partner at the firm.

As a La Porte native who grew up on a small farm, McClure learned from an early age about the importance of having a hard work ethic and is excited to take that mindset into his position as a partner. McClure obtained his bachelors from Indiana University and his JD from DePaul University College of Law; this is when his experience with Rhame and Elwood began.

“In 2001, I became a licensed attorney and became an associate within the firm and during that time, I have represented the Portage Township Trustee, several City Boards, including Police Merit, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and served as Assistant City Attorney for the City of Portage,” said McClure of his extensive experience with the firm and in the community.

Aside from this, McClure has also represented several other boards and commissions in Porter County and has been a Public Defender for Porter County for the last ten years. McClure’s most recent appointment made him County Attorney for Porter County, and only contributes to the practice he has with a diverse number of clientele.

“I find diversity keeps my career interesting and exciting,” said McClure.

Having been with the firm for the past eighteen years and an Associate Attorney since 2001, McClure is excited to take on this new role in the firm.

“What made and makes this firm so different is the ability to cover so many areas of the law in one place. With a myriad of Attorneys practicing Criminal Law to Family law, I was excited at the possibility of working for such a firm,” said McClure. “While clerking at Rhame & Elwood, I witnessed firsthand the great character and commitment the firm showed to their clients and to the practice of law. I felt that I could learn and grow as an attorney under the tutelage of the Attorneys at Rhame & Elwood.”

Ken Elwood, one of the namesakes of the law practice, is excited for the new growth that McClure’s naming will bring.

“Scott earned his right to a partnership here at Rhame & Elwood by showing a great work ethic, great talent as a lawyer and great passion for his client’s interest,” said Elwood. “Scott has a very analytical mind and understanding of numbers. He mixes that with an uncanny ability to apply those analytical skills to real world experiences and has high quality litigation skills.”

For his part, McClure looks forward to bringing his skillset to bear in the new position and moving the firm into a future of further growth and success.

“I believe that everyone who aspires to work in the legal field hopes to one day see potential clients call their firm the trusted source for legal counsel. To have my name join such a prestigious firm fills me with great pride,” said McClure passionately. “I have been working toward this goal since beginning my journey with Rhame & Elwood. Each late night spent working a little harder, and losing a lot of sleep, all become worth it when I pull into the driveway and see my name greeting residents of Porter County and the surrounding area.”

Elwood sees this as an incredibly positive move for Rhame and Elwood and looks forward to the future of Rhame, Elwood & McClure.

“Scott has demonstrated over his years to his governmental clients that he understands the operations of government as well as anybody. His work ethic, personality, and analytical skills provide excellent representation to these clients. This skill-set and his relationships have allowed our governmental practice to grow,” said Elwood of McClure’s contribution to the practice.

Both Elwood and McClure are very optimistic about what the future has to offer Rhame, Elwood & McClure.

“We are excited about our future. We will continue to zealously represent our clients,” said Elwood emphatically. “The partners at Rhame, Elwood & McClure all have a common passion for the law and in providing real world solutions to their legal problems. That is the commonality between our three partners. We believe with that relationship we will continue to experience controlled growth. We very much look forward to serving our clients going forward.”

This sentiment was echoed by McClure who contemplated on what he has been through in the firm and where they are going with this new step.

“I look forward to putting my mark on the future success of the firm. We continue to expand our reach in the practices of law, and I look forward to the new challenges brought on by this. Our future is as great as we deem it to be, and I anticipate a bright future for Rhame Elwood & McClure. I also feel determined. Determined to work that much harder for our clients, large and small, to ensure that I make the younger version of myself proud of all the hard work it took to get to this moment in life,” stated McClure passionately.

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