Porter Regional Hospital’s Spring Jubilee Rewards Associates for Hard Work and Dedication

Porter Regional Hospital hosted its annual Spring Jubilee at the Radisson Star Plaza in Merrillville on April 10, 2015, held each year to thank associates for all their hard work and commitment to patient-centered care.

The event is cited as just another reason why Porter Regional Hospital has been named "The Best Place to Work" in Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly for the fifth year in a row. The award is given to the organization with the highest score on a satisfaction survey completed by employees for the publication.

Events like these demonstrate how much the hospital’s associates are valued.

"We are so lucky to work for a company that does these types of events, especially when most companies have given these kinds of things up to save money," explained Susan Kloss, Director of Training and Development for Porter Regional Hospital. "We are grateful that the place we work for, Porter Regional Hospital, cares about their employees and still goes out of their way to thank their employees with the Spring Jubilee."

During the Jubilee, associates have the opportunity to mingle with other associates throughout the hospital. With a staff of nearly 2,500, it can be a challenge to meet some of the hard-working staff members from other departments, but with such a large event, it gives people the opportunity to get acquainted with doctors, nurses, housekeeping and food service all in attendance.

CEO Stephen Lunn made his way through the crowd, thanking Porter’s elite staff and their guests for their hard work, dedication, and for taking the time to attend the Jubilee.

One of those hard-working associates was Darlene McCrammer, RN, Director-Chandana Surgery Center and Center for Digestive Health at Porter Regional Hospital, who said, "I appreciate the Spring Jubilee because it celebrates and acknowledges all of the wonderful people that make our hospital a great place to work.”

"I really enjoyed seeing everyone get all dressed up and put on their best for the Jubilee,” explained Stephanie Dickard, RN, Director of Intensive Care.

A the Radisson Star Plaza, one of the top special event venues in Northwest Indiana, two celebrity ball rooms were booked to hold such a large celebration. The upstairs party was a bit quainter and quieter - perfect for an intimate conversation - while downstairs was where the big party took place.

Chaplain Mike Porter, BCC, Director of Pastoral Services preferred the upstairs venue. "I really appreciated the upstairs venue because it gave us the opportunity to intermingle with other guests where it was quieter and where I could slow dance with my wife Deb," he explained.

Whether party-goers preferred the quieter, upstairs venue or the big party down below, everyone had a fun time gathering together and being honored with the Porter Regional Hospital Spring Jubilee.

If you would like to work at “The Best Place to Work” go to www.porterhealh.com and click on "Hospital Opportunities".