Porter Hospital: Ostomy 101 – Local Support is Right Here

Porter Hospital-ostomy-101Millions of Americans live with wound, ostomy, and continence disorders. There’s a place right here at home where community members can get care and support in a comfortable atmosphere.

Established in 2005, Porter Health Care System's Ostomy Clinic is the only one of its kind in Northwest Indiana. The clinic serves patients of all ages, including infants, teens and adults, as well as their caregivers, with the specialized services they need to:

• Be as comfortable as possible.
• Confidently care for themselves to prevent future complications.
• Enjoy a full, active lifestyle.

The Ostomy Clinic is dedicated to compassionate care and helping the patient and caregiver with emotional and medical support. Services include:

• Working with patients before surgery to help select an optimal stoma site, which promotes independence after surgery.
• Individualized post-surgery care and education
• Incontinence education instruction
• Assistance choosing and ordering supplies and products that provide for the patient's maximum comfort, including finding sources for home delivery.
• Assistance with emergencies, such as leaks, infection or pain.
• Optional monthly support group

What is an Ostomy
An ostomy is a surgical procedure that connects an area inside your body to the outside. The connection creates an opening in your skin called a stoma, which allows stool or urine to bypass an injured or diseased part of your digestive system.

Nearly 750,000 Americans have an ostomy, and 75,000 new ostomies are created each year. Optimal management of ostomies by professionals who are expertly trained to address these specific needs can result in improved patient outcomes.

Ostomy care includes:
• Colostomy - a surgically created opening in the abdominal wall to allow passage of digested food. This may be temporary or permanent, depending on the portion of the colon removed.
• Ileostomy - a small surgically-created opening in the small intestine through which digested food passes. Again, this may be temporary or permanent, and may involve removal of all or part of the colon.
• Urostomy - a surgical procedure that diverts urine from a diseased or defective bladder.

Ostomy Support Group
You are not alone in living with an ostomy. A monthly support group offers advice and an opportunity to learn from others, share concerns, talk to one of Porter Health Care System's certified wound ostomy and continence nurses, and make friends.
The Support Group meets the fourth Thursday of each month January through October, from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the Community Room at Porter Regional Hospital.

Call the Ostomy Clinic at (219) 983-8319 to schedule your visit or to learn more about our support group.

Contact your doctor to see if 3D mammography is an option for you.