Porter County Substance Abuse Council: My Kids Matter

porter-county-substance-abuse-councilParents and community members recently gathered to participate in the launch of the My Kids Matter program offered by the Porter County Substance Abuse Council. The maiden voyage proved that there was a lot of interest within the community and to address that need we will offer additional presentations on request.

The program offers a small group setting allowing participants to control the direction of where the agenda leads. “We have an idea of what direction the conversation will flow, but depending on where the conversation leads is dependent on what the participants are interested in discussing,” said Dawn Pelc, Program Manager. There may be a parent that suspects their child is using drugs. Perhaps a parent has heard substance abuse is at epidemic levels in the county and wants to use proactive strategies with their child. Anyone with any concerns relating to their youth and substance abuse are welcome to host or attend a session.

We are offering these sessions in the comfort of your own home with no judgement and no fear of being stigmatized. The idea of My Kids Matter is to provide resources and a therapist to facilitate the group in your own home with other parents that want to receive honest and accurate answers to their questions. This is what you need to do - get about 10 people together; invite them over for an informational evening and we do the rest. Resources will be available as well as a drug kit for each attendee at no cost. Call the Porter County Substance Abuse Council office at 219-462-0946.

Research shows children who hear the facts about drugs and alcohol from their parents are significantly less likely to use them. And a great way to learn how to have those conversations with your child can be learned at a My Kids Matter program. We want to hear from you!