Portage Township Schools Update, May 5, 2017

Portage Township Schools Update, May 5, 2017
By: Portage Township Schools Last Updated: May 5, 2017

Aylesworth Elementary
Mrs. Zachara's 2nd grade class at Aylesworth Elementary used their Science time to learn about matter. The students were involved in many investigations and experiments including making a "mad scientist drink" that showed the three states of matter together, bringing some states of matter from home, a balloon experiment that showed gases are all around us even if we can't see it, and physical and chemical change experiments to explain the difference. Pair these activities with a few literature books and the students are matter experts! They summarized their learning by writing what new information they learned throughout the weeks on their mad scientist creativity! We clearly had a lot of fun and filled our brains with new information!


Kyle Elementary
Mrs. Henderson's 2nd grade class gets a lesson on "The Lorax".


Myers Elementary
On Tuesday, May 2nd, the Myers 4th & 5th grade choir went on a field trip to sing at two nursing homes and then had a fun lunch at CiCi's Pizza. The students sang their program "At the Bandstand" which featured songs from the 1950's. The residents at the nursing homes really enjoyed this blast from the past. Choir director and music teacher, Rebecca Duncan, is very proud of how the students performed.


Saylor Elementary
Miss Allison from the Recycling & Waste Reduction District came to talk to Saylor 3rd graders about storm sewer systems. Students learned how water travels through sewer pipes and local water systems. In addition, they learn how various pollutants can contaminate other bodies of water. They pretended to be water droplets and traveled through a tunnel, it was a great experience.


PHS Social Studies
On Tuesday, May 2 PHS students participated in Youth Government Day. Students were elected by their fellow senior class members last week. Participants job shadowed various city officials, and participated in the evening City Council meeting.

PHS students participating were...

  • Mayor – Madison McConnell
  • Clerk-Treasurer – Emma Havrilla
  • Police Chief – Daniel Huber
  • Fire Chief – Michael Delgado


  • Fentri Harper
  • Rudolf Moravec
  • Sofia Serrano
  • Alec Rizley
  • Rebecca Farris
  • Michael Lagunas
  • Tyler Lyons


Cadets from Portage High School Marine Corps JROTC assisted Portage Rebuilding Together on 29 April 2017. Nearly 30 cadets volunteered their time and energy to assist those in need. The program also donated $1,000 to assist in the purchase of material.