Portage Township Schools Update, May 12, 2017

Portage Township Schools Update, May 12, 2017
By: Portage Township Schools Last Updated: May 12, 2017

Aylesworth 5th Graders
Willowcreek and Fegely Middle School visited Aylesworth Elementary on Tuesday to speak with our 5th graders about middle school life. The students were given information on schedules, locker combinations, Ipad policy, and expectations regarding behavior. This is always a fun time for everyone and we are so fortunate to have the relationships we do with our middle schools!


Aylesworth Career Fair
Here are some pictures from Aylesworth Elementary's 2nd Annual Career Fair! Thank you to everyone who came and volunteered their time to spend with our kids! The kids had so much fun and learned about so many different careers, thank you!


Kyle Elementary
Mrs. Mathisen's 3rd gr. class were dissecting an egg. Getting ready for the egg drop experiment.


Myers Elementary
Every year, National Poetry Month is celebrated in April. In order to better understand poetry’s vital role in our culture, Myers 4th grade participated in several activities throughout the month. Introducing the students to a variety of poetic forms and practicing writing them were a few activities that led into the celebration. Each student composed a poetry journal filled with haikus, color poems, cinquains, free verse, and many more types. At the end of the month the students decorated the sidewalks with their favorite poems, along with holding a Poetry Tea Party for friends and family to attend. Students recited poems as a class, and individually recited some of their own personal poems. The kids then had an opportunity to join their family members with writing poems, along with enjoying tea, lemonade, and cookies. The refreshments were donated by Portage Town and Country.