Portage Township Schools Update, March 8, 2019

Portage-Township-Schools-Update-03-08-19_01 Saylor AR Program
Saylor students Dylan Pezel and Joselyn Perrine, both reaches 75 AR points. They read to their class, and were able to check out books to their classmates. Keep up the great work!

Portage-Township-Schools-Update-03-08-19_02 Saylor 4th Grade
We were fortunate to have Dr. Keary Bewick DDS visit Saylor's 4th grade students last week. Dr. Bewick came in and taught students the importance of healthy oral hygiene. In addition, he also gets to visit with one of his daughters, 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Campbell! Dr. Bewick's visits always make us smile!

Portage-Township-Schools-Update-03-08-19_03 PHS
Students in Mr. Marvin's Tribe Time participated in team/trust building activities led by Tribe Time Mentor, Jackie Marquez.