Portage Township Schools Update, August 25, 2017

Portage Township Schools Update, August 25, 2017

Kyle Elementary
Kyle students are excited to start a new year!


Myers Elementary 5th Graders Build a Maze
During Maker Space time. students in Mrs. Christina Morrison's fifth grade class were given the challenge, "Build a maze" with almost no instruction and only two materials-play dough and wooden blocks. Students worked together to create mazes that golf balls could travel through. The end goal was met from all groups: teamwork and creativity!


Myers Elementary Watermelon Day
2nd grade students at Myers Elementary School celebrated the beginning of the school year with a day filled with watermelons. Activities included nonfiction reading about watermelons, learning the life cycle of a watermelon, several watermelon crafts and of course EATING watermelon! What a fun way to begin our school year together.


Saylor Elementary
Mrs. Sopko's 4th grade class did a Stem team building activity last week. Students were put into teams and challenged to build the tallest freestanding structure with provided materials. Students worked together to build structures that stood alone, and were strong enough to support a whole marshmallow at the top. The class did a great job building unique structures.


PHS World History
Student's in Mr. Dye's PHS World History class work at signing onto educational platforms Schoology, Pearson Realize, PowerSchool, and Apple Classroom using school issued IPads!


PHS Comfort Dog
Isiah, Portage High School's resident comfort dog, helped freshman transition into their new school. Isiah's main job is to comfort students who are dealing with stress, anxiety and trauma.