Portage Township Schools announces Portage Police participation in School Resource Officer program

By: Portage Township Schools Last Updated: January 10, 2020

PORTAGE, IND. — The Portage Police Department will be among the jurisdictions participating as Portage Township Schools Resource Officers.
PTS Superintendent Amanda Alaniz is announcing a plan to incorporate officers from the Portage Police Department into the school’s existing school safety and security plan.

Collaborative efforts between Portage Township Schools, the city of Portage, the Portage Police Department, and the Porter County Sheriff’s Department gives Portage officers the opportunity to serve in rotational SRO positions across the district. Alaniz remains dedicated to the comprehensive and collaborative approach to school safety with city and county officials. With officers from multiple jurisdictions in the schools, students can build relationships with and learn from the officers that serve their community.

“Our students look up to and learn from our SROs because the officers have a variety of backgrounds,” Alaniz said. “Our SROs find a way to connect with students, contributing to their social and emotional wellness and impacting each student’s future. Including Portage officers as SROs gives our students the opportunity to have yet another positive adult role model in their lives.”

Officers wanting to participate in the program will work with the Porter County Sheriff’s Office to coordinate schedules and locations. Portage officers will begin their rotational positions in February.

Porter County Sheriff David Reynolds said he is excited to have Portage Police back in the Portage schools. Portage assistant superintendent Michael Stephens echoes this sentiment. “The officers of the Portage Police Department are quality professionals who will serve our schools well,” Stephens said. “This is just one more way we can foster positive relationships between our students and the officers that serve our community.”

Leaders from Portage Township Schools, the city of Portage, the Portage Police Department, and the Porter County Sheriff’s Department remain committed to the safety and security of our schools and community.

Portage mayor Sue Lynch is eager to move forward with this partnership and looks forward to the inclusion of Portage Police in the PTS school safety plan. “The collaboration between our Police Department, Portage Township Schools, and the Porter County Sheriff’s Department are partnerships we need to be doing more of,” Lynch said. “The safety of our children must always be first and foremost.”