Portage Teacher Goes Above and Beyond

By: Gretchen Rossetti Last Updated: March 30, 2010

In the month of March, the best artwork of students in Porter County was submitted by teachers to the Arts A Budding Art Show held at the Chapel of Resurrection on Valparaiso University Campus. gretchenrossettiJohn-Ambler-Arts-a-BuddingWhat a tremendous display of creativity fills the walls of this beautiful chapel for two weeks of March. The show is a result of the efforts of area teachers and their desire to honor the young artists in our region and keep the arts thriving. Each student who is selected for this show is called in front of the crowd in a special awards reception and receives a ribbon. The glow on their little faces when they walk up to the front of this vast chapel to stand for a snapshot, hear their name called and receive a ribbon is priceless. One such student, Jonothan Ambler, who is pictured here attended with his proud family.

After seeing Jonothan at the reception and snapping this photo, his mother relayed with excitement how Jonothan's teacher, Connie King of Central Elementary, took the time to personally drop off a congratulations gift to his home before the reception since she could not attend. Jonothan's mother, Penny, said it is just one example of the devotion she sees commonly displayed amoung teachers in the Portage Township School System. What a wonderful thing to see that teachers are still living out the heart of their profession!