Portage seniors showed off their artistic flair at Portage Public Library this September

Portage seniors showed off their artistic flair at Portage Public Library this September

When someone says the word culture, things like customs, food, and art are some of the first associations that come to mind. These areas are forms of expression that allow people to engage with the specific personalities of different countries, regions, and cities along with those who live there. 

Last month, natives of the City of Portage and visitors alike could enjoy Portage’s unique culture through the Senior Art Fair. Over 40 pieces were on display this year at Portage Public Library throughout the month of September, including paintings and three-dimensional art.

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have gotten in the way of the annual artist’s reception, Mayor Sue Lynch, the Mayor’s Senior Advisory Committee on Senior Services, and Portage Public Library were proud to host the fair for the 20th year in a row.

For the past 20 years, Portage seniors who are 55 or older have been invited to create whatever artwork they desired and register to display pieces at the library. Every senior who chose to participate was allowed to submit up to two pieces, which were collected in August.

Seniors were able to register their pieces on a form detailing their basic personal information as well as the title of the work and the medium or materials used to create it. 

The Adult Services Coordinator at Portage Public Library, Kim Wiseman, and the library staff were happy to hang paintings on the walls and place three-dimensional pieces in display cases to show off local talent and spruce up the library’s atmosphere.

Now that September’s display period is over, seniors can collect their artwork from October 1-16 during library hours Monday through Saturday. Artists are returning to claim their pieces little by little, but those who missed the fair may be able to view a few before they leave the library.

Each piece was displayed with a label detailing the title of the artwork and the artist’s name. The City of Portage and Portage Public Library look forward to continuing the tradition next year and seeing what talented senior artists will create next.

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