Portage Police Department Receives Grant in 2016

Portage-Police-LogoPortage Police Department is a recipient of a $3,500 grant from the Porter County Substance Abuse Council for Digital Cameras. Portage Police Department is a member of the coalition.

The Portage Police Department has received this grant in an effort to support evidence of alcohol and drug use at the scene of a crime. Pictures created by officers at the scene of a crime can be used in court to support the Prosecutor’s case. “Digital cameras are important to police departments,” said Troy Williams, Portage Chief of Police, “we are able to take great photographs of evidence, particularly drug crimes.”

The Portage Police Department has been a member of the coalition for numerous years. The liaisons to the coalition work on several committees including the Drunk Driving Task Force. The liaisons’ work in support of the Substance Abuse Council by promoting activities, helping the Red Ribbon Campaign, offering guidance on Parent Guidebook, and working on programming at county-wide events.

The Porter County Substance Abuse Council awards grants to its coalition members through a competitive application and review process. The Council has awarded almost $1.5 million in the last ten years to programs throughout the county that work to reduce substance abuse. Anyone interested in the Council or its grants may contact Beatrice Owen at 219-462-0946 for more information.