Portage Life in the Spotlight: Ashley Hlavac

Portage Life in the Spotlight: Ashley Hlavac

Last year, Ashley Hlavac got involved with Portage Youth Basketball to help out and be a part of something bigger than herself. Today Hlavac is the equipment manager for the Portage Youth Basketball Board and newly added Portage Youth Dodgeball team. 

Hlavac became a part of the Portage Youth Basketball board by asking around to see if there was an opening on the board. A spot opened up and shortly thereafter, Hlavac was officially more than just an assistant coach. To Hlavac, being a part of the board is and has been such a fun and fulfilling experience. The newly added dodgeball games, which are referred to as Zombieball, and the basketball games all take place at Fegely Middle School (FMS) in Portage. 

Currently registration is open for children ages four to 16 to be a part of the Portage Youth Basketball and Zombieball teams. Practices are once a week and will start in October for the basketball team. As for the Zombieball team, practices for those will begin in 2023 around April. For both the Zombieball and Basketball games both take place on Saturdays at FMS. Hlavac encourages any child or young adult to join the teams and experience just how fun community based sports can be.  

For the upcoming season, Hlavac will be a coach for the rookie and senior teams. The rookie teams consist of second and third graders and are called the Sour Patch Kids. The senior teams consist of sixth to eighth graders and their team name is Call of Duty. Although Hlavac has only been a part of the Portage Youth Basketball Board for a little more than a year, she anticipates being a part of their community for as long as possible. 

Some of the responsibilities she takes on for the board are helping where necessary, setting up, assisting with fundraisers, and giving back to the community. Hlavac also helps raise money for causes and charities, helps run the league, and is always looking for sponsors. 

“We all work together as a team; this wouldn’t be possible without all of the board members. It’s so rewarding to see how children’s talents and social skills progress. It’s like having a second family. The best part is working with the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces. That alone brings me enough joy to be a part of the board every year,” Hlavac said. 

Aside from being a board member, Hlavac has another job as a distributor for Living Essential Oils. Hlavac started out just using Living Essential Oils’ products, then her aunt who was a distributor for the company asked Hlavac if she wanted to do more than just use their products and instead sell them. Since 2013, Hlavac has been selling Living Essential Oils health and wellness products and has not looked back since. 

To sell a product she was so passionate about made Hlavac realize she wanted to help other people reach their goals of internal and external wellness. Currently Hlavac and her best friend, Seirra Quill, plan to set up a wellness store in the next five years to relax, educate, and assist individuals to reach their inner and outermost goals. 

“I love that Living Essential Oils’ products are so clean. I stand behind the company. I also love all the benefits that come with the distributor title. The company has such good rewards and gives back to so many organizations. They even have a mission company that goes out and helps around the world,” said Hlavac. 

When she is not coaching, fundraising, selling clean living products, or building her network; Hlavac enjoys spending time with her four children, going camping, hosting her families annual Fourth of July celebration, and participating in all kinds of athletic and outdoor activities.

Hlavac would like to leave her article with the statement that without her friends, family, and fellow board members, she would not be in the place she is today.