Portage High School PE Classes Participate in Fitness Gram Test

Portage-IndiansAt the beginning of the semester, all PE I and PE II classes went through Fitness Gram testing. At the end of the semester we will retest all of the students to see what improvements they have made. We do several things throughout the semester to promote a healthier lifestyle and by showing improvements to each student’s health it will add to the motivation for our students to keep improving and utilize the knowledge they gain in everyday life, especially life after high school.

All PE II classes have two cardio sessions a week. This includes everything from running the track or exercising in the cardio room, to running bleachers or strength building stations. Every week we build off of the previous weeks work so that by the end of the semester we should show vast improvements in cardiovascular endurance and strength. Results from our retake of the FitnessGram testing will show these improvements. Throughout the semester we will also talk about nutrition and making healthy decisions to promote and educate students in all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle.

After our initial FitnessGram testing we tested everyone in the mile as a baseline test for their cardiovascular fitness. Each week since then we have been slowly building on their fitness levels by increasing their work rate either by speed or by distance. Not only will their FitnessGram test show their improvements on the four areas tested but their timed mile will also be a barometer to see just how far they have come.