Portage High School Freshman Finish Badminton Unit

PHSCrestThe freshman physical education class has just completed its badminton unit and tournament which proved to be a great time for the students. We also will have completed the second testing of the Fitness Gram, which consist of the pacer test, push-ups and sit-ups.

We anticipate great improvement by many of the students, because of the addition of Heart Rate Days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Heart Rate Days consist of getting each student's heart rate up. We do a lot of interval training which consist of running and exercising. We change the exercises to motivate and create a learning experience for the students.

We are so looking forward to returning to the west gym! We have a brand new floor and are very eager to break it in. Thanks so much for everyone’s help as we worked through the challenge of scheduling a lot of extra classes in the field house. I look forward to our spring break which is getting closer each day and hope everyone has a great break.