Portage High School French 3 enjoys educational games

Portage High School French 3   enjoys educational games
By: Portage High School Last Updated: September 3, 2019

Last week the Portage High School French 3 students enjoyed playing a complex game that allowed them to review possessive adjectives. Paired with their partner, students rolled dice to determine a spot on the game board, and then had to determine which possessive adjective to use for a given subject based on gender and number of the noun. If the student was correct, they covered that square with a chip, and that spot was taken off the board game. Students kept track of their points earned, and continued play until their game board was full of chips. While the games were competitive, students also helped each other out. 

French 3 is a class that is offered for dual credit through Purdue Northwest. Students who enroll in this dual credit program (called the Concurrent Enrollment Program, or CEP) as juniors in French 3 can take both semesters of level 3 and both semesters of level 4 their senior year, thus earning them 12 college credits through Purdue before ever graduating from high school. While the courses are academically rigorous, they are also taught in a way that is fun and engaging, as you can see in the pictures. 

Pictured below are senior Reiana Thomas, and Juniors Claire Gould, Bree Kehoe, Sakinh Ibrahim, Emily Pyke, and Lawrence Harris. In the other picture are Senior Rheannan Mullen and Juniors Savion Porter and Simone Hooper.