Portage High School Celebrates Saga Open Mic Night

By: Contribute Last Updated: April 22, 2011

Portage Students gathered in the East Commons Area at Portage High School on Thursday, April 21st to celebrate the last Saga Open Mic Night. Students read poetry, performed duets, and played different instruments, displaying the myriad of artistic talent of the younger generation.

This is the final year for the Saga literary magazine at Portage High School. The class was cut by the administraion and guidance department after low class registration.

Saga has been part of Portage High School since 1967 and has published every year without incident but this is the final time that PHS students will perform in the Saga Open Mic Night.

During the event, which featured very different performance ranging from a drama act to a rendition of Rebecca Black's Youtube hit Friday, the audience was treated to food and drinks provided by the Saga staff with all the money raised being used to print the final edition of Saga.

“Our department chair had to get schedules done, sections cut. Those sections were based upon numbers signed up. I wish I would have had more time; we could have reached our minimum requirement for next year," Josh Cavan, Saga adviser, said.

Even though their program will be cut next year, the Saga staff made sure to put on the best Saga Open Mic Night they could. With such a variety of local talent, it's clear that the Portage High School students have a lot to offer the artistic community in the years to come!!

Collin Czilli contributed to this article