Portage 16 IMAX Hosts Portage Chamber of Commerce for Ribbon Cutting on Screen Taps Bar, GDX Theater

Portage 16 IMAX Hosts Portage Chamber of Commerce for Ribbon Cutting on Screen Taps Bar, GDX Theater
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: August 25, 2017

On Thursday, members of the Portage 16 IMAX and the Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce gathered for a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of the Screen Taps Bar and GDX theater, recent renovations at the IMAX location. While they’ve each been in operation for some time now, final touches have been finished on each. Additionally, the theater has begun offering hot food items to patrons!

The ribbon cutting ceremony started out with members of the theater and Portage Chamber gathering and being able to sample a hot food item and a drink from the bar. The members gathered together laughing, enjoying their time and complementing the state-of-the-art theater.

“We are introducing to the public the bar and the GDX Auditorium,” said Kevin Morgan, Head Manager for the Portage 16 IMAX. “The bar is a big deal; we’re the first in Northwest Indiana to add the alcohol. The GDX Auditorium is one of the first in Northwest Indiana that features the Dolby Atmos sound. These are two things that aren’t already here that we’re bringing to the forefront.”

Being ahead of the game is important to those involved with the theater. Keeping patrons enticed isn’t always the easiest job, but with these new additions, people are bound to keep flocking to the theater. The Screen Taps Bar allows patrons to get beer or wine to enjoy before or after their movie. The GDX or Giant Digital Experience auditorium features Dolby Atmos sound, which creates a richer, more integrated experience for the audience.

“We have the IMAX which is awesome, but we have the GDX as well. You’ll hear the sound in the back and it’s a great experience. It brings everything together. It’s a great sound and you have to experience it,” said Brian Eichstaedt, Regional Manager of Goodrich Quality Theaters.

The additions provide value to not only the theater, but the surrounding community as well. Being able to go somewhere and have dinner, a drink, and a movie is convenient and desirable for many. Additionally, keeping such a prominent entertainment area updated for the community is important.

“This is a great hub for adults as well as teenagers in the community. With all the upgrades going on, this is the destination location for them,” said Nancy Simpson, Executive Director of the Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce.

While many ribbon cutting ceremonies end when the ribbon gets snipped, the Portage 16 IMAX kept the entertainment going by offering a presentation of the new GDX theater to those in attendance. During the preview, guests were able to experience the sound for themselves, all while helping themselves to some popcorn and of course, their drink from the bar!

A movie theater can’t rely on the movie alone to make the experience great for it’s customers. The Portage 16 IMAX not only understands that, but takes steps to ensure the movie-going experience will remain meaningful for every guest.

To learn more about the Portage 16 IMAX and it’s amenities, visit: https://www.goodrichqualitytheaters.com/indiana/portage-16-imax-gdx