Port Director Ryan McCoy aides in Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor’s immense impact on City of Portage

Port Director Ryan McCoy aides in Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor’s immense impact on City of Portage

The Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor has a new face directing it. Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Ryan McCoy graduated from Purdue University with a management degree and economics minor. 

This area of study led McCoy to work at Cargill for 15 years. While at Cargill, he assisted in its first organic-certified grain facility that was able to connect imported organic grain products to the Midwest. But after 15 years of taking one path after another – including various opportunities to work with the ports throughout his career – McCoy found his way to the Ports of Indiana.

Indiana has three ports: Burns Harbor, Mount Vernon, and Jeffersonville. The Ports of Indiana specializes in ocean, river, road, and rail and maintains close relationships with other ports around the world.

The Burns Harbor Port is vital as it has an immense impact on not only the City of Portage but also the rest of the world. Its strategic location provides businesses with the opportunity to grow within a port that is focused on steel, agriculture, and manufacturing.

The Burns Harbor Port hosts more than 30 companies, including 15 steel-related companies and three steel mills. Regarding the different focuses of cargo within this port, 36% of transports are for steel, 40% for steel manufacturing, 11% for agriculture, and 13% for construction. A new study shows maritime and industrial operations at Indiana's three ports contribute $8.2 billion per year, support 51,000 jobs and generate more than $552 million state and local taxes.

As the port director, McCoy has the special responsibility of being involved in sustainability for the State of Indiana. In this role, he is able to serve the best interest of his tenants, helping them to grow their businesses – whether it’s import or export opportunities. 

“My favorite part of the job is getting to meet with the customers and getting to learn more about their business and their needs and trying to help them connect those business needs across the world,” said McCoy.

Ports of Indiana values sustainability and makes it a personal goal to be better stewards of the environment. Having a Green Marine certification ensures that the company’s environmental footprint is as reduced as possible. Ports of Indiana also partners up with Clean Cities Coalition Network and is members of the Wildlife Habitat Council. 

McCoy heads multiple projects, including the deployment of about $19.7 million in capital growth through federal FASTLANE (Fostering Advancement in Shipping and Transportation for the Long-Term Achievement of National Efficiencies) grants. This will add other opportunities for attendance and for Ports of Indiana to grow by adding additional infrastructure. To help with that, Ports of Indiana has already installed rail tracks in the east and west railyards that are capable of handling full-size trains – a new feature that the Ports of Indiana did not previously have. The other project the company is working on is looking for other opportunities to expand the port.

McCoy’s goals don’t stop there; a personal goal he has is to learn more about the international trade aspect of the business. It’s an important aspect that will aide him in learning about the different tools he has to help Portage residents and connect to different ports across the world to grow their business.

Outside of his professional life, family is very important to McCoy. He has two daughters and loves being their support system. He values the opportunity he has to create and grow the environment he wants his daughters to grow up in.

“It’s very important to me to create a sustainable environment for my girls to grow up in and for them to flourish in,” said McCoy.

As someone who grew up in this area, McCoy loves spending time living and working here and doesn’t have any intentions to leave.

“I plan on being in this role for a while, being a native to Northwest Indiana,” said McCoy. “This is something that I see a lot of room for growth in my career, and I really want to focus on that business development aspect.”

When McCoy is not on Burns Harbor Port duties, he is golfing. His wife is a professional golfer and both of his girls golf as well. 

For more information on Ports of Indiana, visit its website at www.portsofindiana.com