PNC, Library to Host “Waiting for Superman” Film Screenings

By: Purdue University Northwest Last Updated: April 5, 2011

Waiting-for-SupermanPublic showings of the film "Waiting for Superman" will be offered through a collaboration of the Purdue University North Central Odyssey 2010- 2011 Arts and Cultural Events Series and the Michigan City Public Library. The showings are free and open to the public.

It will be shown Sunday, April 17 at 2 p.m. at the Michigan City Public Library, 100 E. Fourth St., Michigan City and Wednesday, April 27 at 5 p.m. in the PNC Library-Student-Faculty Building Assembly Hall, Room 02. The film is rated PG. It has mild language and incidental smoking.

"Waiting for Superman" is a documentary written and directed by Davis Guggenheim who explores the American educational system. He earned an Oscar for his work with "An Inconvenient Truth." Guggenheim believes that the educational system in this country is failing and examines what, in his opinion, is right and what isn't working.

The film presents amazing numbers about this nation's education system and its reluctance to change. For example, it notes that among 30 developed countries, the U.S. ranks 25th in math and 21st in science. While the film does not explore the changes in American society that led to this crisis, it does present a call to action by showing how some fiercely dedicated educational idealists are making a difference.

The film looks at educational reformer Geoffrey Canada and Michelle A. Rhee, the former chancellor of the Washington D.C. public school system. Rhee vigorously challenged Washington's education system, closed poorly performing schools and shook up a seemingly ineffective school system. Canada founded the 97-block Harlem Children's Zone, which has been extremely successful at getting children through high school and into college, largely relying on private money.

Scott Bowles of "USA Today" termed this a "brilliant movie." Some of its best moments involve five children whose futures depend on winning a lottery to a charter school.

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