PNC Center for Science and Mathematics Education

By: Purdue University Northwest Last Updated: March 16, 2010

The Purdue University North Central College of Science has established the Center for Science and Mathematics Education to enhance and support science and math education in Northern Indiana. purdue-north-central

Under the direction of Dr. Rosa Rivera-Hainaj, PNC assistant professor of Chemistry, the center will serve as a liaison with the community to promote education in science and math and become a resource for area teachers to enhance their teaching and provide additional tools for them to utilize in their classrooms. The center will also host professional workshops for science teachers. Parents who home school their children are invited to make use of this valuable resource.

"This center is one of the many exciting projects at PNC for teachers, parents and students of the region," said Rivera-Hainaj. "We aim to help close the gap in science and math education and help prepare students in these areas."

As a completely self-funded entity, the center will also seek to identify and secure funding for these collaborations. A community taskforce of representatives of regional schools and school districts will help to guide the center and suggest ways for it to meet its objectives.

PNC faculty members have volunteered to be part of the center's executive board, including: Dr. Vanessa Quinn, assistant professor of Biology; Dr. Sharron Jenkins, assistant professor of Chemistry; Dr. David Feikes, professor of Mathematics; Dr. Aaron Warren, assistant professor of Physics; Dr. David Pratt, associate professor of Education and Dr. Keith Schwingendorf, dean, College of Science (ex-officio).

A website will soon be developed for the center that will serve as an educational resource, source of information and point of contact for teachers and community members.

The center will also establish a "science store" for teachers. Math and science teachers will have the opportunity to rent education kits for use in their classrooms. These kits will be designed based on the Indiana Academic Standards and teachers who intend to use the kits will be required to attend a training workshop prior to leasing the kits. A nominal fee will be charged to cover the cost of consumables. Further information about the center can be obtained by contacting Rivera-Hainaj at