Physical Education and Health Good News for October 30, 2014

PHSCrestMy time student teaching at Portage High School has been a great learning experience. The physical education teachers have welcomed me into their department and have been excellent mentors. They have helped ease the transition of student teaching. I have collaborated with the PE staff to ascertain how to deal with situations as they arose. This has enhanced my problem solving abilities.

I have been on my own and independently teaching for some time and I enjoy every minute of it. The student’s make it interesting and I learn a lot from them. I am teaching three PE10 classes and three advanced classes; volleyball, basketball, and multi-sport. Each class has its own unique identity and characteristics. Each class provides me with a different set of student’s skill, ability, and interest levels in physical education. In my volleyball class, I have an opportunity to work specifically with the volleyball team to tune their skills and give them more opportunities to work together as a team. My PE10 class allows me to be with a variety of students, some who enjoy PE, and others who don’t. This class helps me to be creative and to come up with ways to get everyone to participate, enjoy, and at the same time get their physical activity in. The multi-sport class and basketball class allows me to let the students play sports they love in a more structured environment. Being able to teach a variety of students and a variety of classes helps make my experience rewarding and fun.