“Pet Peace of Mind®” Hospice Program Keeps Pets and Families Together During Hospice Care

“Pet Peace of Mind®” Hospice Program Keeps Pets and Families Together During Hospice Care

Center for Hospice Care’s (CHC) new program, Pet Peace of Mind® recognizes and actively supports the unique bond between hospice patients and their pets. The program aligns with Center for Hospice Care’s mission “to improve the quality of living.” Pet Peace of Mind® allows patients to complete their end-of-life journey without worrying about their pet’s current or future needs. While some patients have a network of family and friends who can help with pet care duties, others aren’t so lucky. And sometimes, the pet is overlooked during the

patient’s illness or after the patient dies by loved ones who don’t understand the bond between the patient and their pet. The initiative provides volunteer pet care services for patients who are unable to care for their pets while in hospice care. Services include pet boarding and walking, transporting the pet to veterinary appointments and more.

Offering the Pet Peace of Mind® program places Center for Hospice Care in a select group of other hospice providers that have joined a national network of hospice providers committed to ensuring this important patient need is met.

“Hospice focuses on quality of life,” said Mark Murray, President/CEO of Center for Hospice Care. “For many patients, the human-pet bond is incredibly special. Over the years, we have informally helped with placement of pets after their owner dies, sometimes having staff adopt the pet themselves. This program formally addresses the concerns of care of placement with trained volunteers, a veterinarian and funding. If we can help keep a patient and their pet together, we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.”

CHC is actively looking for volunteers and donations. You can help support either by visiting: www.cfhcare.org/pet-peace-of-mind.