Partners of Life: Best of Real Estate

Partners of Life: Best of Real Estate
By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: October 23, 2017

The real estate scene is booming in Northwest Indiana! Not only are there a ton of great homes and properties on the market at all times, but there are a great number of real estate agencies, teams, and realtors out there working hard to connect the right residents with the right homes.

Our real estate partners represent some of the finest among these, and we are priviledged to tell their stories of how they came into the real estate world, what sets their agency apart, and what they do to go above and beyond to make sure they are working hard for their clients.

Century-21-Alliance-Group-Giving-New-Agents-the-Tools-to-Succeed-in-Real-Estate Century 21 Alliance Group: Award-Winning Company That’s Family Owned, Agent Focused & Client Centered
Century 21 Alliance group has been a successful, award-winning real estate company helping Northwest Indiana home buyers and sellers for over a decade now, and part of what’s helped the company grow continuously is the family-owned mentality and atmosphere that dominates the mindset of Alliance Group agents, owners, and leadership.

For founders Nick and Jeanne Sommer, the success of Century 21 Alliance Group is measured in far more ways than just financially. Maintaining ethical standards and working to better-serve their clients, with an eye on growing successful agents, has been their goal since day one.

Realty-Executives-Premier-Doing-Business-the-Right-Way_a Realty Executives Premier: Doing Business the Right Way
Realty Executives Premier could say they've had a good year. As 2016 closes, they are positioned to become the number one real estate company in Porter County, with 765 MLS closings and over $135 million in sales this year.

These numbers are impressive, but what makes it even more impressive is the amount of agents in which they do it with. They knew early on, they were not going to be the company for all agents.

“Having a large number of agents has never been a priority,” said Pam Tezak, who together with her husband Mike, founded Realty Executives Premier. “We’ve never wanted to be a large company.”

Boulder-Bay-Realty-Industry-Professionals-Going-Above-and-Beyond-For-Home-Buyers-and-Sellers-Across-Northwest-Indiana Boulder Bay Realty - Industry Professionals Going Above & Beyond For Home Buyers & Sellers Across Northwest Indiana
There are many things that set Valparaiso-based Boulder Bay Realty apart in the real estate industry in Northwest Indiana. Starting with owner and founder Lynda Anderson, Boulder Bay Realty offers their clients myriad services above and beyond what other local realtors offer, and Anderson works hard to consistently engage her team in intensive training to routinely keep them on top of an ever-changing industry.

“Our agents are highly trained,” said Anderson when reflecting on the professionalism and knowledge that staff maintains. “It’s not an easy training regimen either. Some agents might struggle through this process and they ultimately find this isn’t the career or the company for them, and that’s okay. Those who excel through the training remain and they carry the lessons they learn and the experiences that they’ve gained out into the industry.”