Paris visits Rittenhouse Village at Portage

Paris visits Rittenhouse Village at Portage
By: Beth Ireland Last Updated: May 3, 2019

Paris came to Portage today as Rittenhouse Village at Portage hosted their first Mother’s Day Fashion Show & Pop-Up Bazaar. Volunteer models from residents at Rittenhouse to local business women walked the runway wearing clothes provided by Coash Clothing, jewelry by Paparazzi, and bags and accessories by AJs Specialties. A representative from Avon was also on site.

The event was an exciting opportunity for local business women to come and connect with the residents.

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“We need to do exciting things for the aging population. We need to keep life happening, exciting, new different. My hope for today would be to put smiles on faces,” said Mary Joe Jaime, Vice President of Operations at First light Home Care.

The models strutted their fashions as Jenny Craig-Brown, Executive Team Leader at Ideas in Motion Media, emceed.

“Being a part of this event was so incredible. I love to show off the amazing businesses that we are blessed to have in this region. Seeing the excitement for the residences and the models was amazing,” said Craig-Brown.

For the residents, this event was a chance to see some exciting new fashions and to shop for unique pieces from the comfort of their residence. Vendors got the opportunity to come in and meet new customers and provide a new service.

“I was excited to be asked to take part in this. Seeing the looks on the residents' faces has already been so amazing. It’s been fun to talk about how fashion cycles through and certain things they remember wearing. I enjoy working directly with people of all ages and sizes and any time I get the chance to style people and show my collection while supporting other local businesses is a win-win,” said Tevlyn Schwerd, Creative Director at Coash Clothing.

“There’s not many seniors that can get out and to have the business come to them is a convenience for them. I am hoping to meet some new people and to sell completely out. I’m grateful for this event,” said Katrice Eggleston an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Jewelry.

Open to the community, this event brought in several families. Having the opportunity for the community to come and join the residents is important.

“These events not only bring the residents entertainment, it brings the community in and it gives a sense of family to everyone. We like to bring the families in because it’s important for that sense of belonging, said Marsha Leonard, Executive Director at Rittenhouse Village at Portage.

For the residents, these types of events are much needed. It is a chance for them to do something new and exciting. It is also an excellent opportunity to gather with their fellow residents and enjoy time together.

“The events keep things lively, it gives me something to do other than my art. I go to every event. I like living here very much,” said Stella Mary Dravis.

Today’s event was a great success. Bette Ward, a resident at Rittenhouse sums up the event perfectly when she said, “I very much enjoyed today. The events are all so much fun and interesting. These events mean we’re out with people and not stuck in our room. It’s a fun place to live.”

Events such as these take place once a month and the community is always welcome. For more information, or to see what upcoming events are happening, visit their website here.