Paladin, Inc. Seeking Board Member

Paldin-Inc-Seeking-Board-MemberThe role of the Board of Directors is to set overall agency policy and strategic direction, active involvement in fund-raising and development, represent Paladin in the community & evaluation/hiring of the President/CEO.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Board members are legally responsible for making sure that money is being raised and spent in a responsible manner. This means that board members must create or approve a budget that they fully understand and must review income and expenses on a regular basis. The Board is responsible for the review of the Risk Management Plan and assuring that adequate insurance is in place and an annual audit conducted.
  2. Board members are responsible for making sure the organization is well managed. Board members have the authority and responsibility to hire and fire the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). They also must make sure that the CEO has what she/he needs to do the job, and is supported, held accountable and evaluated on a regular basis.
  3. Board members are ultimately responsible for raising funds for the organization. The Board is responsible for creating and approving the budget.
  4. Board members are responsible for creating the organization's identity. This means that Board members need to develop or support the organization's mission, make decisions about program directions, and take part in long-range planning.
  5. Every Board should include a diverse group of people who bring a wide and diverse range of life experience, work, wisdom and wealth to the organization.

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