Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana offers special sale on innovative Destiny® 1200 garage door opener

Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana offers special sale on innovative Destiny® 1200 garage door opener
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: April 26, 2019

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana pushes to bring affordable innovation to garages around the Region. This being said, they are launching a special sale offering their top-of-the-line Destiny® 1200 garage door opener for the price of a standard opener.

Garage door operators have a simple job and with 140V DC motor, the Destiny® 1200 is equipped to handle almost any residential door. However, what really sets it apart is how it packs in an impressive amount of features compared to the standard Odyssey opener.

Destiny’s headline feature is OHD Anywhere integration, meaning you can download a smartphone app to operate your door from wherever you may be. OHD Anywhere opens up a variety of possibilities like remote-less entry for all of your family members. The app also has other features, such as letting you schedule specific times to open or close your garage door at anytime of day. It even provides an access log, showing you who opened your door and when. Of course, every special sale bundle includes a keypad and two remotes if you prefer a more classic experience.

All of Destiny® 1200’s advanced safety features are also part of the package. DoorDetect™, for example, monitors the operator every time it starts and supplies just the right amount of power to safely open doors of all weight classes. If it detects a problem, it immediately stops the door for additional safety. Meanwhile, the Safe-T-Beam® system uses an infrared beam to stop and reverse the door if something crosses its path.

Every bundle also comes with two LED light bulbs that are powered by motion sensing technology, providing an extra layer of convenience and safety. The bulbs are specially designed to reduce remote interference, so you will not need to search for the perfect spot in order for the door to open.

To summarize, every Destiny® 1200 Bundle Sale includes: One Destiny® 1200 OHD Anywhere Compatible Garage Door Opener (belt driven), a wireless keypad, two remotes, and two LED light bulbs.

On top of all of the extra features, Destiny® 1200 is quick, powerful, and quiet. To learn more, visit www.overheaddoornwi.com.