Orthodontists Cavanaugh and Nondorf demonstrate advanced, professional practice with up-to-date ABO certification

Orthodontists Cavanaugh and Nondorf demonstrate advanced, professional practice with up-to-date ABO certification

The Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics practice has been ensuring quality, smile-enhancing care in a professional atmosphere for decades. The practice’s two orthodontists, Dr. Rob Cavanaugh and Dr. Matthew Nondorf, are always searching for ways to go above and beyond for their patients, whether that be with new or continued methods of excellence.

As practicing orthodontists, there are various expectations laid out by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). Though not required, both Cavanaugh and Nondorf have emphasized in their practice that recertification is an expected goal of theirs in order to appropriately and adequately serve their patients and the community at the best level possible.

The certification renewal examination includes two parts: the online board case exam and the case report examination. The online exam features multiple-choice questions relating to study and treatment, and it emphasizes the continued completion of credits in the field of orthodontics. It is also expected of interested renewals to orally present treatment plans of patients that they have treated over the years.

“The certification process includes a written exam, an oral exam, the presentation of eight to 10 patients you have treated, and the examination and treatment planning of two cases you have never seen before,” said Cavanaugh.

Following the completion of this first part of the certification process, they then follow through by exemplifying their commitment to continued education in the ever-growing and evolving field of orthodontics.

“Recertification involves continuing education credits and a written exam based on current literature in orthodontics and case-based scenarios of orthodontic treatment,” said Cavanaugh.

To prepare for these expectations and to take the necessary steps to ensure that recertification is approved, Cavanaugh and Nondorf explained how staying on top of the current research and standards of education is key.

In terms of how this translates to benefit the patients who trust Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics with their oral care, it is clear that recertification both directly and indirectly demonstrates the practice's commitment to all patients who walk through their doors.

“Strictly speaking, recertification is not necessary. We just want to be able to demonstrate to our patients that we went above and beyond,” said Nondorf. “It is an objective measure that demonstrates clinical competency that we feel every practicing orthodontist should obtain.”

That desire to go out of their way to earn exemplary certification is just one of the many reasons that Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics is the chosen practice for countless families in the Region.

With treatments and improvement in technology constantly growing and being adapted, including technology like Invisalign, it is crucial for practices like Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics to stay aware of current research to ensure that all patients in their scope are being given the most up-to-date, safe, and effective treatment for their smiles. Moving forward, the continued certification of these two professionals will only further emphasize the presence of that quality, expert care.

“It will continue to demonstrate our drive to excel and grow in our field,” said Nondorf.

Following completion of his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree, Dr. Cavanaugh then completed his written board certification in 2001 and his gateway certification in 2005. His recertification following ABO guidelines was then completed in both 2010 and 2020 and will be completed again in 2030, following the expectation of certification every 10 years.

A professional at the practice since 2009, Nondorf completed his recertification in 2015 and is on track to complete it again in 2025. Until then, Nondorf noted how he will continue spending time analyzing orthodontic literature and applying his former and current education to patients in real-time.

To learn more about how Cavanaugh and Nondorf can assist you in your orthodontic health journey, visit their website at http://www.cnorthodontics.com.