NWI Playground Review: Olson Memorial Park

NWI Playground Review: Olson Memorial Park

When the kids beg for a trip to the playground after school, how do you decide where to take them? We’re fans of stopping at random playgrounds on our way home to experience something new!

This week my kiddo had just that in mind. Begging for just a short trip, we gave in and took her over to Olson Memorial Park in Portage. I was pleasantly surprised by the imaginative features and entertainment value of such a small playground! I love the smaller playgrounds for days like that, where I want to get home in time to make a decent dinner, but she could definitely use some time to burn out that extra energy.

The trip was well worth it, though, so here are my five favorite things about Olson Memorial Park!

This is one of the playgrounds of the area that has a theme coursing through it. From the treasure map to the boat, and yes, even a climbable sea monster, it gets the imagination going! The entertainment value from the themed pieces alone made this park an instant favorite of my daughter.

I’m not sure why, but swings are the playground commodity right now. If we head to a park and a swing is not available, my daughter has to be coerced into playing on something else while she waits her turn. Patience is not a virtue she possesses, which is why I always value a park with more than a couple of swings available.

The interesting thing about this playground is that it’s surrounded by homes. The area is pretty quiet and feels more private than a traditional playground. The community surrounding it makes you feel as if you’re in your own backyard, rather than just visiting somewhere. It makes for a very comfortable, friendly environment!

As mentioned, this park is pretty small. While the equipment offers a ton for the imagination (Oh no, a sea monster!!) it gives a great line of sight for the parents. I worry a lot, so I’m always relieved when I can easily see the entire playground from my perch on a bench.

Grassy Areas
surrounding the park are grassy areas that give kids a place to run around, kick a ball, play catch, or have a picnic. We are big fans of laying a blanket out in some shade and eating snacks (because who doesn’t love a cookie at the park?), so having good space to do so, where you aren’t crowded out by others, is always appreciated!

Olson Memorial Park is located at 6216 Brie Ave, Portage, IN 46368.