NWI Nephrology Celebrates Grand Opening of State-of-the-Art ARA Gary Dialysis Center

NWI Nephrology Celebrates Grand Opening of State-of-the-Art ARA Gary Dialysis Center
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: April 12, 2019

The ARA Gary Dialysis Center started bustling with patients back in January, but official opened its doors on Thursday April 11 when Northwest Indiana Nephrology and the American Renal Associates (ARA) celebrated the new facility’s Grand Opening. An open house allowed patients and community members to explore the highest standards for renal care in the Region.

Located right off I-80/94 at 1705 W. 25th Ave., the new dialysis center is directly connected to Northwest Indiana Nephrology’s Gary office. Featuring state-of-the-art treatment options and comfort care in a convenient location, NWI Nephrology and ARA strove to make dialysis as easy and comfortable for patients as possible.

“We’re family oriented. It’s not like this is an assembly line, we know the patients and they know us,” said Jeanette Daniels, RN., Clinic Manager for the Gary Dialysis Center. “Dialysis is something that you don’t want for anybody. But for those that do have kidney failure, my staff and I want to make it comfortable for them. We want our patients to be treated with dignity and respect while they’re here.”

Heated massage chairs with attached TVs, a bright and clean setting, as well as neighboring stores and a bank, afford comfort and accessibility for any patient. The location was carefully selected with patient’s needs in mind. Drs. Gaurav Agarwal and Gaurav Alreja, experts in kidney care with NWI Nephrology, both met with visitors and stressed the importance of patient-focused service.

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“These patients are spending a significant amount of their lives in our facilities, so when they go to a unit they should be comfortable, know the staff, and have that basic level of luxury,” said Dr. Agarwal.

“There are many things that every dialysis patient goes through. Not only are they were a significant amount of time, they’re also building close relationships with our staff,” said Dr. Alreja. “I’ve already had some patients come and tell me that they’re very happy with the staff here. So it’s not just the units and facility, it’s also about the techs, nurses, and us doctors who are like a family.”

Many of those techs and nurses are veterans in dialysis treatment, and many times NWI Nephrology and ARA recruit staff from the communities they serve. Dakota Henderson, Dialysis Technician at the Gary Dialysis Center, is one example.

“I’ve been in dialysis since the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl back in 1985,” Henderson joked. “If there’s one thing I’m excited about it’s to give service to Gary, Indiana, where I came from. I give compassion, concern, and commitment. When I walk through the doors every morning at 10 minutes until 4am, I’m prepared to give the best of my service to the patient. I’m excited that this is in our community.”

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