Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center Receives 2017 Women’s Choice Award

Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center Receives 2017 Women’s Choice Award
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: December 20, 2017

The Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center and the women who choose to use their facilities can continue to rejoice over their wonderful care. The facility was recently granted the Women’s Choice Award for Breast Care Centers, continuing their reign of excellence in the breast care arena.

To be given this distinction, centers must be a breast care center of excellence and keep impressive patient satisfaction scores. This award is nothing new to the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center, though it is still as highly valued as it was the first time they were presented the honor.

“We’ve had the distinguishment since 2013,” explained Jen Sanders, manager of the center. “We’ve met all the criteria and we’re excited to be able to hang on to this award.”

For the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center and their team, giving the best care is of the utmost importance. The women that come through their doors can expect nothing but the best in care and top of the line service for whatever their needs may be.

“It’s exciting,” said Sanders. “It’s a lot of pressure, but we want to do good and take very good care of our patients. It’s definitely given us an extra pep in our step and there is a lot of pride in having this honor. It’s a stamp of the hard work of this team.”

The distinction not only marks them as a positive force in their community, but provides them access to many other resources as well. For many areas it’s important to increase the education and resources available to patients, and with this honor, the ability to do so is enhanced.

“We have access to a conference every year and a lot of resources and tools to help people. They provide us with real things we can get out into the community,” explained Sanders. “They are committed to the cause and we have always felt their accreditation was important.”

Maintaining this high honor is something the Northwest Indiana breast Care Center holds close to its heart. While their care and standards will remain high in order to serve the women of Northwest Indiana as comprehensively as possible, the award is simply an additional bonus. The team and providers within the facility know that a focus on caring for their patients in the best way possible, is of the utmost importance.

"We are honored and proud of our Breast Center's recognition by the Women's Choice Award Team. As the most accredited Breast Center in Northwest Indiana, we promise to maintain our unwavering commitment to provide the most outstanding, state-of-the-art, and compassionate care to every woman in our community,” said Dr. Stacy Siatras, a Breast Fellowship Trained Radiologist.

With such a high distinguishment among their many accreditations and awards, the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center is bound to continue positively serving the women of Northwest Indiana. Through dedicated patient care from hard-working and compassionate staff, the facility is destined to maintain its distinguishment for years to come.