Northwest Health joins with Ivy Tech to train more clinicians amid shortage of workers

Northwest Health joins with Ivy Tech to train more clinicians amid shortage of workers

Sparked by a national shortage of nurses and other clinicians, Northwest Health is training employees to become nurses, nursing assistants and other clinical professionals. The organization is partnering with Ivy Tech Community College to attract and train more individuals to clinical professions and serve the communities of Northwest Indiana.  

The organizations created this innovative partnership to offer educational incentives to increase the number students training to be clinical professionals while helping employees, often in non-clinical positions, advance their careers through education. 

Northwest Health continues to expand tuition reimbursement in addition to deferred tuition for employees pursuing a degree and/or certification at Ivy Tech. Upon graduation, Northwest Health provides these students with future employment in their new profession.

Ashley Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer of Northwest Health said the program is a key component of the organization’s effort to help solve the shortage of key clinical professionals. “This program will allow us to attract more students to nursing and other clinical professions and encourage them to remain in the community after graduation.” said Dickinson. “Ivy Tech has a dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, like simulation labs, that provide outstanding training. We are impressed with the caliber of nurses and other clinical professionals who graduate from Ivy Tech and pleased we’ll soon have more of them working at Northwest Health.”

The program is available to all Northwest Health employees which includes Northwest Health – La Porte, Northwest Health – Porter, Northwest Health – Starke, Northwest Medical Group, Northwest Health Occupational Medicine, Northwest Health Radiation Oncology, Northwest Health Emergency Medical Services and Northwest Health Surgicare.  

The organization is optimistic that it will help curb the shortage of healthcare workers in Northwest Indiana and assist employees in advancing their careers.