NorthShore Health Centers Treats Moms at ‘We are Wild About Moms’ Celebration

NorthShore Health Centers Treats Moms at ‘We are Wild About Moms’ Celebration

NorthShore Health Centers honored mothers on Tuesday with their first ever ‘We are Wild About Moms’ celebration at Ballaboo’s Play & Discovery Center in Lake Station. The event featured mommy and child activities, pampering and relaxation, shopping, education and resources as well as health screenings for moms and their children.

‘Wild About Moms’ was free for families with children and mothers were encouraged to bring an adult along with them to care for their children so that moms could enjoy all the activities planned just for her.

“This was our first ‘We are Wild About Moms’ celebration,” said NorthShore Family Care Coordinator, Michelle Higel. “We wanted the chance for moms to come out and have some fun with their kids and build that mother-child bond. We also wanted to provide moms with the chance to get away and get a massage, some pampering and we did some beauty makeovers.”

“We’re looking to help moms be well rounded as far as time with their kids and time for themselves,” Higel said. “That’s so important and we thought this was a great way to reach out to our patients to create a quality experience for them but also to touch base with them on their healthcare needs.”

Helping to celebrate mothers and promote good health at this year's 'Wild About Moms' celebration was MDwise

“MDwise was proud to sponsor the event, 'Wild About Moms' with NorthShore Health Centers at Bellaboo’s Discovery Center. MDwise is the not for profit healthcare company that provides Medicaid programs and the Marketplace to Indiana residents.  We work closely with health centers like NorthShore to bring healthcare and health and wellness education to its members and the community through events like this." said Kim Eldridge, MDwise Northwest Consultant.

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To help moms relax, enjoy some time with their children, and address any health-related issues they might have going on, NorthShore Health Centers joined with around twenty business and community agencies from throughout northwest Indiana to host the event and provide moms with education and resources that could positively impact their lives.

L.J. Payton, from Mary Kay, set up a Beauty Bar where moms could get some tips on quick ways to stay looking good. “We’re going to be going over some quick tips on things that they can do,” Payton said. “I’ve been a mommy and I know when they were little I would try and do a whole lot but you just can’t do a whole lot. So this is all about how we can keep it minimal and simple. You can get glamorous again just not when you’re rushing around.”

Along with the beauty make-overs from Mary Kay, moms were treated to chair massages by Accord Chiropractic and shopping with LuLuRoe and Samantha & Mansa VIP Shoppe that included purses, chocolates, nail care, beauty and pampering products, cooking supplies and much more.

“We come to NorthShore every single month,” said Jenny Zandstra, a Calumet Township resident who was attending ‘Wild About Moms’ with her two children. “The kids love it! I love the idea of putting together something for mom but then also something for the kids. That way you kind of get the best of both worlds. We’ve been coming to about every event they have for about a year or more. We love it!”

The first 100 moms to arrive were treated to ‘Swag Bags’ that included a plethora of gifts including jewelry, lotions, Albanese candy, Chicagoland Popcorn and gift cards. NorthShore also held two raffles at this year's ‘Wild About Moms’ including a free raffle for $100 gift card as well as buy-in raffle for a variety of gift baskets. The money raised through the raffles will go to funding the many exciting and beneficial community events NorthShore Health Centers holds throughout the year.