NorthShore Health Centers’ Dr. Joseph Hofferth promotes natural health & wellness with expert chiropractic care

NorthShore Health Centers’ Dr. Joseph Hofferth promotes natural health & wellness with expert chiropractic care

NorthShore Health Centers is committed to offering comprehensive health care with expert providers in every field. One of the newest additions to their team is Dr. Joe Hofferth who is now providing high-quality, chiropractic care at NorthShore’s new clinic in Hammond. 

Hofferth has a long history with chiropractic treatment that goes beyond his own work in the field. It started when his cousin started working as a chiropractor and truly captured his attention when he saw the impact chiropractic care had on his mother. 

“My mother had MS, multiple sclerosis, and chiropractic care helped her tremendously,” Hofferth said. “Then, as I was playing sports through high school and college, I started chiropractic care myself and fell in love with the philosophy, the natural health and wellness of it all.” 

He began researching more about the field, writing reports and including it in his schoolwork. Eventually, he decided to turn the interest into a career, and he started working towards officially becoming a chiropractor. 

“Ultimately, my favorite part of the job is how much I get to help people,” Hofferth said. “I also really love the message of wellness and natural healthcare. It’s amazing to see the results that people get through this kind of care, it’s something special.” 

Chiropractors as successful as Hofferth enjoy their patients telling them about how much their treatment has impacted their lives. Chronic pains vanishing, kids with focus issues improving in school, and all kinds of other unique testimonials are examples of what Hofferth has been glad to receive. Hofferth, however, sees himself as more of a guide, or a starting point on a journey, rather than a curer. 

“I always say to patients that I’m just a vehicle that helps them better connect to their health and wellness,” Hofferth said. “It’s the things that I’m changing in them, either through an adjustment, a postural exercise, or whatever else that’s encouraging their bodies to heal on their own. I get excited hearing their stories, but for me, it’s all about promoting their bodies’ self-healing.” 

Hofferth, who spent years running his own private practice, is excited about the opportunity to work at NorthShore and to embrace their mission-driven approach to healthcare. 

“The NorthShore network is so big that it’s enabling me to reach even more patients,” Hofferth said. “Their mission to provide quality care to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay or anything else, is really profound. For them to be able to accomplish that mission so consistently is amazing and necessary in this community.” 

Hofferth also appreciates that chiropractic treatment is consistent and often very long-term, which is a strong companion to the comprehensive care afforded at NorthShore’s clinics. 

“I’ve always said that the day medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists all come together under the same roof is a great day for the patient,” Hofferth said. “Everybody has a position and spot to fill in a patient’s health, and chiropractic care is right where the sweet spot is. You’re not just visiting two or three times, it’s a lifestyle.” 

Born and raised in the Region, Hofferth’s hobbies include golf, travel, biking, and grilling.  

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