No insurance? No problem! Advanced Dental Concepts offers affordable, comprehensive Wellness Plan

No insurance? No problem! Advanced Dental Concepts offers affordable, comprehensive Wellness Plan

No insurance? That is no problem at Advanced Dental Concepts, which offers a comprehensive, in-house Dental Wellness Plan to keep you up to date on your dental essentials at an affordable price.

At the cost of just $290 a year, you receive two free basic cleanings, two free comprehensive examinations, two free fluoride treatments, and one set of diagnostic bitewing x-rays, along with an array of discounts on services such as fillings, periodontal treatment, and cosmetic procedures. From the day you are signed on, your coverage lasts for a full 365 days with no limits.

“Just one cleaning is more than $290 without insurance, so this basically pays for itself in one visit,” said Monica Pyzynski, Regional Team Lead at Advanced Dental Concepts. “And outside of the initial freebies, there’s no maximum on the discount. You can get as many dental services done as you want within those 365 days, and that discount will never run out, unlike insurance plans which usually have a max of around $600 to maybe $2000 a year to use.”

With the Advanced Dental Concepts Dental Wellness Plan, there is no waiting period, no coverage restrictions, no claims process, and no lengthy paperwork.

“A lot of traditional insurance plans will have waiting periods, or will only cover certain procedures,” said Lindsay Jones, Insurance and Claims Specialist for Advanced Dental Concepts. “Everything we offer is covered on this plan. There’s no premiums, no denials, it’s all hassle free.”

When the founder of Advanced Dental Concepts, Dr. Danny Hayes, first created the Dental Wellness Plan, his main goal was to create a simple way for the uninsured to get the essential care they need.

“We want to make sure everyone is coming in every six months for their cleanings and exams, so that if something does come up we’re catching it sooner rather than later,” Pyzynski said. “Keeping things affordable makes it so much easier for people to stay on track.”

If you do not have insurance and are planning to see a dentist, there is no reason not to enroll in the Dental Wellness Plan, since it pays for itself in just one visit.

“Unlike insurance, this is a guarantee,” Jones said. “As long as you’re enrolled, the discounts are automatic. Some insurance plans don’t even come close to offering the up to 35 percent of discounts that the Dental Wellness Plan does.”

Pyzynski noted that the plan is especially useful for many seniors, as Medicare does not cover dental services.

“I always like to tell patients, if they were my parents – I’d want them to have this,” Pyzynski said. “I think it’s great because it’s so affordable that it makes it so much easier for patients to come in and get the care they need throughout the year.”

Once you enroll in the Dental Wellness Plan, you are covered at every Advanced Dental Concepts location. To learn more and to see a full brochure, visit l or call (219) 663-6878 to learn more.