Munster Theatre Company Presents “Children of Eden”

By: Larry A Brechner Last Updated: October 20, 2010

The Munster Theatre Company (the Performing Arts Department of Munster High School) is pleased to present the Children of Eden, from Stephen Schwartz (Pippin, Godspell, Wicked and many others on stage and film) and John Caird (Les Miserables) comes a joyous and inspirational musical about parents, children and faith... not to mention centuries of unresolved family business! Freely based on the story of Genesis, Children of Eden is a frank, heartfelt and often humorous examination yet poignant of the age-old conflict between parents and children. Featuring Adam, Eve, Noah and the Father who created them deal with the headstrong, cataclysmic actions of their respective children. The show ultimately delivers a bittersweet but inspiring message: that 'the hardest part of love... is letting go.'

The Production and Directing Staff include: Dr. Larry A Brechner, Producer/Director; William Woods Music/Orchestra Director; Carol Lynn Brechner, Assistant Director; Haley Conger, Student Director, and Alexa Johnson as student choreographer. The Munster Theatre Company production of Children of Eden will feature an ensemble of cast veterans and newcomers in its version.

Children of Eden begins at the beginning. The show opens with Father (Jonathan Wachala) seeking to "Let There Be" a universe complete with plants and animals. Not satisfied, he creates Adam (Michael Peters) and Eve (Katie Taylor), and tells them they have only to be good and grateful children. Adam assures Father that he will be "Good".

Adam and Eve eventually eat of the Tree of Knowledge and are tossed out of the garden. They continue life in "The Wasteland" where their sons Cain (Chris Yothment) and Abel (Lester Blumberg) are born. Their lives become good but Cain craves more. An amazing but frightening discovery leads to a "Clash of the Generations". Abel, loses his life in the struggle. The murderous Cain is struck down by Father with a mark his decedents will wear for generations to come. Years, later, Eve recants to Father how Adam never stopped looking for Cain, but how life has moved on with their new son Seth (Ryan Pohrte). Eve then joins Father in heaven leaving the earth to the "Children of Eden"

Act II of Children of Eden opens with a tour of the "Generations" from Adam through Noah (Steven Caraher). Following the tour, Noah speaks to Father about reconsidering his decision to flood the earth. When Father refuses, Noah continues the preparations, including seeking the right wife for his son Japheth.

Japheth (Nick Estes), though knowing his wife should be of the race of Seth, falls in love with Yonah (Natalie Vick), the family servant girl who bears the mark of Cain. All chaos breaks out shortly after he announces his decision to the family.

Fearing the flood, Japheth persuades Yonah to stow away on the Ark. After "Forty Days and Forty Nights" come and go, the family discovers her. Noah, going against a clear order from Father, allows Yonah to remain and marries her and Japheth.

Shortly after the wedding, the rain ends and a dove appears with an olive branch. Mama Noah (Alexa Johnson) sings of how good it is to see the sun again. The family disembarks and sets about to rebuild the world with the next generation of the Children of Eden.

The Munster Theatre Company musical production of, Children of Eden will feature an ensemble of cast MTC veterans and newcomers in its version including: Jessica Banaszak, Rachel Borgo, Katie Kajewski, Kendall Goldberg, Micahrel Han, Helena Jancosek, Rebecca Karnezis, Colleen Kifer, Megan Miller, Brenda Mintz, Josh Roman, Levi Sauak, Samantha Strimmel, and Tim Wittkamp.

Children of Eden will run Thursday, November 18; Friday, November 19; Saturday, November 20 at 7pm, and Sunday, November 21 at 2pm in Munster Auditorium. Adult tickets are $7 (senior and student tickets $5). Tickets are available at the Auditorium Box Office on performance nights or in advance by calling: (219) 836-3200 x3245, by email at .

Publicity Pictures:

  • 1-Katie Taylor & Michael Peters
  • 2-Nick Estes & Natalie Vick
  • 3- Natalie Vick, Nick Estes, Steven Caraher, Alexa Johnson
  • 4-Katie Taylor, Michael Peters & Jonathan Wachala (above)
  • 5-Natalie Vick, Nick Estes, Michael Peters, Katie Taylor, Steven Caraher, Alexa Johnson, & Jonathan Wachala (above) 6-(front) Natalie Vick, Jonathan Wachala, Katie Taylor, Alexa Johnson, (rear) Nick Estes, Michael Peters, Steven Caraher