Midwest Express Clinics offering $25 children’s physicals in June

Midwest Express Clinics offering $25 children’s physicals in June

Midwest Express Clinic (MEC) is offering children’s and sports physicals just in time for summer and the start of the new school year at their many locations across Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

“We've been really fortunate - we're able to service a lot of physical privileges for patients,” said MEC Manager of Clinical Documentation Nicole Hawkins, FNP. "We're able to get them in the same day, same hour, typically, so that they can get their form completed and submit it to their school. In general, it's a great tool for screening to see if there could be any heart issues, or if a young child has elevated blood pressure readings, all of this information can be found on the exam as well.”

Normally $35 with an additional $10 for extra forms, MEC is holding a special offer throughout the month of June that lowers the price of physicals down to just $25.

“We are anticipating a really big season for our school and sports physicals,” said MEC Director of Operations Muhammad (Mo) Tayyab. “A lot of schools were not requiring them throughout the pandemic. So, we encourage schools, the community members, and patients to come in early for school, sports, and camp physicals at a special price of $25 for the month of June.”

To best prepare for the child’s physical, Hawkins recommends that the parents or guardians bring in forms given to them by the child’s school.

“Ideally, we recommend that the family bring in their immunization record because a lot of times the school will require a sign off on those as well, too. That way we can verify those immunizations as well,” Hawkins said.

Emily Grace, MEC clinical resource and physician assistant, also added that if a child wears glasses or contacts to bring them in as well so that MEC staff can get an accurate idea of their visual acuity.

The physical itself then begins with questions for both the parent and their child about their health history.

“When patients come in for a school or sports physical, we start by asking them a series of questions about their personal health and about their family history,” said Grace. “That helps to guide us and determine if there's going to be any concerns. We check the full set of vital signs, we check the child's vision, and then we do a head-to-toe exam as well, to determine if there's anything that could be potentially concerning.”

Every child who has their physical at MEC is given a thorough check-up that goes well beyond the typical health assessment.

“A lot of times when they are older kids, they don't go to the doctor regularly anymore,” Hawkins said. “So this is that once a year chance that they get to have a whole physical and address anything that could be bothering them and really reveal their health history. There's even an anxiety and depression portion of the forms as well, which oftentimes, isn't typically discussed.”

A unique aspect Grace enjoys about physicals is that it allows her to really interact with the community and get to learn more about the patients that visit the clinic.

“I like that we get to service a lot of our community members and meet a lot of new patients and families this way,” Grace said. “I personally enjoy doing these physicals because I get to meet new people and promote our services. Our patients also like it because they get to learn a little bit more about us or things that we offer and just get to know us a little bit better."

MEC accepts walk-ins for physicals at any time during their hours of operation, which is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. Physicals can also be reserved online as well if needed.

To make a reservation for a physical and learn more about Midwest Express Clinic, please visit midwestexpressclinic.com.