Methodist’s Valpo CareFirst facility offers quality medical service to Porter County

Methodist’s Valpo CareFirst facility offers quality medical service to Porter County

If you have an illness or a minor injury, Methodist’s newest CareFirst Immediate Care Center in Valparaiso is equipped to handle a variety of outpatient services across several specialties in almost every condition.

“We are your one-stop shop for primary, immediate and specialty care,” said Nurse Practitioner Julijana Obetkovska.  

The range of doctors at this location, including specialists in family medicine, podiatry, orthopedics, and soon cardiology, make it possible for the Care Center’s staff to address the many medical issues that Obetkovska mentions, such as eye, nose, and mouth problems, itchy or sore throats, respiratory and digestive illnesses, physicals, x-rays, stitches, and much more.

Dr. Bruce Brincko, DPM, Methodist Physician Group Podiatrist, is one of the professionals who have recently brought their practices to the Valparaiso location. With more than 35 years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the Porter County clinic, where he and his practice colleagues assist patients with foot and ankle conditions.

“In Valparaiso, we offer a variety of services,” he said. “As foot and ankle surgeons, we do deformity correction and trauma. We will see hammertoes and other deformities at that location, as well as people with acute injuries. We're there to see all of those problems, as well as ingrown toenails, infections, abscesses, and diabetic foot care -the whole nine yards.”

In addition to being its newest Immediate Care Center, the Valparaiso location is also Methodist’s first in the area, bringing the Porter County community the great care that Methodist offers its patients. Before this location opened in November 2021, all the CareFirst facilities were in Lake County.

“Valparaiso is a new market for our practice,” Brincko said. “We have a group of three who work together with each other to handle a wide variety of services, from the simplest to the most complex cases.  We are excited to bring our expertise to the Valparaiso community. 

While Brincko is a new arrival at the Valparaiso CareFirst clinic, he says he has greatly enjoyed his time there so far and credits his colleagues for helping him make such an easy transition.

“There are very nice people to work with here,” he said. “The nurse practitioners that work here are very experienced and confident in their work. Doctor Jonathan Ramos, our family practice specialist, is a very nice guy, good with patients and very knowledgeable. And the rest of the staff here is just fabulous. I couldn’t ask for a better environment and team.”

Obetkovska has been with the CareFirst Valparaiso facility since it opened, and shares the same enjoyment and appreciation for the staff. She, like Brincko, is excited to bring her expertise to Valparaiso and has received positive feedback from patients at the new location.

“I've been with Methodist for six years and I think opening this new location was a perfect fit,” she said. “It is it’s great to see our physicians establishing themselves in this great community, and I too, have built relationships with many new patients.”

Patients can access the clinic’s services by appointment or on a walk-in basis, and referrals can also be made to any of the several specialists such as Brincko at the Valparaiso location.
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