Median closure forges new routes to Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille

Median closure forges new routes to Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille

If you live in the Valparaiso community and surrounding areas, chances are you’ve noticed the construction happening on Highway 30. Ah, yes. Nothing like a crawling line of stop-and-go traffic to enhance the day! 

While improvements are always welcome, no one particularly relishes getting caught in a traffic jam. Sadly, there’s one more downside to the construction: the gap in the highway median just outside of Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille is being sealed.

Where there was once an access point in the median that allowed Easttbound travelers to turn into the restaurant’s property, drivers will now be met with a closure. So, if you’re traveling from Lake County to dine at Industrial Revolution, the route may not be as straightforward as it once was!

The great news is that highway travelers don’t have far to go to get back on course. Less than a block beyond the restaurant, you’ll see the official entrance to Valparaiso University. At this point in the median, there will still be an opening. Eastbound drivers can flick their turn signals on, wait for their moment, and make a simple, legal U-turn onto the Westbound side of the highway. From that point, it’s just a hop, skip, and a pump of the gas pedal away to Industrial Revolution. 

Of course, if you accidentally pass the university access point, you can always travel down to the next light and re-chart your course from there. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille at 219-465-1801, or visit their website.

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