McColly Real Estate remains a strong leader in housing market through tech advances

McColly Real Estate remains a strong leader in housing market through tech advances

Adapting to change and shifts in technology is a must for any businesses looking to be successful in our rapidly advancing world. In October 2019, McColly Real Estate brought some of these changes to the housing market, and rolled out a completely new platform to create a more user friendly experience for their internal customers, agents, and their external consumers.

“For our agents, that included Connect, this is a means for McColly agents to communicate the latest coming to market properties before they hit the MLS,” said Monica Decker, Director of Marketing & Technology for McColly. “It also incorporated Single Sign On (SSO) technology. This industry leading platform allows McColly agents to login to their various business platforms (i.e. CRM, transaction management, eMarketing, website, CMA, etc.) with one single login credential.”

Updates also revamped the McColly experience on the consumer side, as the company website,, was completely rebuilt from the ground up.

“These mobile-optimized websites allow consumers to search properties through their device's gps,” Decker said. “We also incorporated an all new AVM (Average Valuation Module) called 'What's my Home Worth?’ Consumers type in their home's address and get a range of what their home is worth. At times when consumers may be on the fence about selling their home, not knowing if it's beneficial to them, this tool takes some of the guesswork out of the equation.”

McColly What's my home worth?

All of McColly’s technologies are web-based and accessible for both agents and consumers from any location with an internet connection. Website property data is updated every 15 minutes, which is integral to ‘being there first’ in this low inventory, high demand market.

“With McColly being number one in the market, we have the most inventory of properties for sale. Before any property goes into the MLS, or if an agent is representing a buyer looking for a particular property, our agents communicate this internally first among our 475+ agents amongst 23 offices,” Decker said. “We call this our McColly Exclusive advantage. Oftentimes we can find a buyer for a seller before the listing hits the MLS, which removes frustration when buyers are competing amongst several other buyers for the same property.”

Even with the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 McColly hasn’t skipped a beat, as their new technology platform allows for a safe, zero contact experience for both agents and buyers.

“Obviously back in October and November we had no idea what COVID-19 was or how it would change the world, but our agents have adapted very well by using Zoom and Google Meet to hold virtual meetings,” Decker said. “On the showing or open house side, agents are comfortable using FaceTime or live streaming to show homes while keeping the public safe. If a consumer wants to make an offer on a home, we have electronic transaction management software with digital signature functionality. Gone are the days when a person has to come into the office to write up an offer on paper and then fax it in.”

While the implementation of new technology has certainly impacted how McColly approaches real estate, there is much to be said about the influence of the company’s culture as well.

“Ron McColly was born and raised in Northwest Indiana and comes from a family of local business owners. He has a very strong bond with the local community and pays it forward through McColly Charities,” Decker said. “Ron has always been a forward thinker. He promotes entrepreneurship to his agents, instills this sense of community, and leads by example for the next generation of the McColly family who are now working by his side. I think the fact McColly Real Estate prevails as the leading local real estate company since 1974 is a testament to the trust the public holds in us.”

“Ron's motto is 'keep it simple.' For this reason, from showing to closing, McColly Real Estate excels in customer success,” Decker continued. “For tens of thousands of clients over the course of 45 years, we've made the American Dream of homeownership a reality, every day.”

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