McColly Real Estate invests in agents, offers inhouse education

McColly Real Estate invests in agents, offers inhouse education

McColly Real Estate regularly invests in their agents by offering inhouse education courses and training programs to help prepare and support their agents while elevating the level of real estate expertise across the Region.

Tim McColly, Director of Education for McColly Real Estate, said the courses are led by instructors who are licensed Realtors with years of industry experience. The courses take place at any of the company’s four training centers.

One of the primary internal courses for McColly Real Estate Agents is the Fast Start program offered every five to six weeks. This course, offered three consecutive mornings in a week, covers a variety of different topics that new agents need to learn when first getting into the business. Some of these are how to utilize McColly’s technology, ideas about how to build a book of business, how to work with buyers, the home closing process, and so on.

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“This course offers newcomers a lot of basic information that is important to their success as agents in the real estate industry,” McColly said. “In fact, even veteran McColly agents are welcomed to enroll if they need a refresher.”

Other courses offered by the school range from technology courses to ones that teach the fundamentals of “Ninja Selling.” Ninja Selling is a business-building philosophy, based on the book authored by Larry Kendall, that McColly Real Estate subscribes to focusing on building strong, long-lasting relationships listening to customers and helping them reach their goals.

“Through these courses, we want to instill in our agents the idea that we want them to be a person of value within the community, and we do that through educating them about what it means to be an agent,” McColly said.

McColly himself still teaches many of the pre-licensing classes and oversees the majority of the in-house agent training. He specializes in the topics of building a business base through interacting with their sphere of influence and how a successful agent can become a valuable resource for others.

“I’ve always enjoyed educating others and teaching them about ways to mold and improve themselves while working in the real estate industry,” McColly said. “These programs are a way for McColly Real Estate to cultivate a strong sense of community with our agents and helps us progress into the future.”

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