McColly Real Estate gives back with Toys for Tots drive and Super Sunday

McColly Real Estate gives back with Toys for Tots drive and Super Sunday

Giving back to those in need has been something that McColly Real Estate has been doing for the past 40 years. During the holiday season, McColly Real Estate held their annual Toys for Tots drive at their offices to help children in need. 

Over the past two months, the Toys for Tots bins were filled to the brim with various toys for those in need. Monica Decker, Director of Marketing and Technology at McColly Real Estate highlighted McColly Real Estate's history of philanthropy in the Region. 

“McColly Real Estate has had a long track record of giving back to the community,” Decker said. “With COVID-19 going on, we had to set up little donation areas and made sure the toys were all in their packaging and sanitized before we donated them to Toys for Tots. It was an adjustment, but everyone at our branches were able to donate a lot of toys for kids this Christmas. We ran the drive amongst our 22 locations, the boxes were overflowing in most cases. We ran the drive for the past month and a half, and we’re very proud of the philanthropic culture that’s been built at McColly Real Estate since 1974. We’ve always tried to give back to our communities as often as we can.” 

Another facet of McColly Real Estate’s charity work is through their Super Sunday promotions. On the second Sunday of every month, anyone who attends a McColly Super Sunday Open House gets a chance to win $1,000 for themselves. Additionally, McColly Charities donates $500 to the winner’s choice of charity on their behalf. The Super Sunday Open Houses provide a consistent flow of donations on behalf of McColly Charities. Since August, the Super Sunday Open Houses have resulted in $4,000 being donated to various charities including Lakeshore PAWS, St. Jude Research Hospital, and many more. 

Super Sunday, which was originally created in 2013, was brought back this year with the additions of McColly Charities. Decker and the rest of the McColly Real Estate team ramped up their philanthropic work in response to the uncertain times that have rocked the United States since February. 

“Helping those who need it is something that we’ve prided ourselves on since McColly Real Estate first started,” Decker said. “The best part of doing a Toys for Tots drive or anything similar is that it’s going to help families who are less fortunate and help make people’s lives a little better.” 

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