McColly Real Estate celebrates a successful year

McColly Real Estate celebrates a successful year

McColly Real Estate closed out 2021 and rang in 2022 with its annual holiday party at Innsbrook Country Club on December 9th.

Partners and employees from across Northwest Indiana, Chicago Southland, and Central Illinois gathered together to reflect on the past year, which was warmly welcomed after a year-and-a-half of social distancing from the coronavirus pandemic.

Rhonda McColly-Fleener, Director of Operations for McColly Real Estate, expressed excitement at finally being able to see many of the brokers, staff, and their families in person.

McColly Real Estate celebrates a successful year

McColly Real Estate celebrates a successful year 35 Photos
McColly Real Estate celebrates a successful yearMcColly Real Estate celebrates a successful yearMcColly Real Estate celebrates a successful yearMcColly Real Estate celebrates a successful year

“The past year has been different for us because we are a relationship-based business. We've been a little bit limited with COVID, but I can say that we persevered. That's what we do. You'll see everyone tonight being a little extra happy, a little extra thankful, and feeling a little extra blessed that we are all here together,” said McColly-Fleener.

Despite challenges, the company has had a successful year. Rich Hansen, Managing Broker for McColly Rosenboom Real Estate in Bourbonnais, Ill., praises the company for its triumphs in 2021.

“Overall, I would say that the residential side went much faster than I ever expected. Prices were higher than I ever expected. Inventory is a little bit on the low side, but commercial has been very good too,” said Hansen.

Hansen has been a broker for many years and focuses on farmland. This year, he saw an uptick in the sale of farmland.

“I've been at this for 34 years. I've never sold as many farms as this year ever in my career!  A lot of investors are coming into something safe like farming. So it's been very, very good,” said Hansen.

While many in attendance have been part of McColly for decades, Julie Varnes became a broker this year.

“This time last year, I had no job. This year, I have two. I am a realtor, and I got my old job back after COVID,” said Varnes.

To make Varnes’ fortune even sweeter, she works with her husband, Ken, who manages the McColly Highland office. 

Tracy Parus, General Manager of McColly Real Estate, commended the brokers and employees for their hard work throughout the year.  “It's really a joy to have this party and see our real estate family of brokers and employees come together and get to experience the holiday and camaraderie that they share.”

McColly Real Estate has seen great success in business this year, but the company is also celebrating its effort to give back to the community. Fresh off a prosperous collection for Toys-for-Tots, McColly staff are proud of their capacity to fundraise for the Region despite challenging circumstances.

“My favorite part is to work with charitable organizations. COVID made it hard, but I'm hoping in 2022 we can get back up and running again and start doing more with Habitat for Humanity, The Humane Society, the Pink Ribbon Society, and Toys-for-Tots to name a few,” said McColly-Fleener.

One thing that everyone echoed upon is the passion that the McColly team has for giving back to the Region. Darleen Birchel, Closing Officer for Community Title Company, notes that the company’s roots in the community fuel the team’s drive to feedback into it.

“We're all grateful to be part of the community in Northwest Indiana. This area is what we know. It’s home. We try to bring everyone together to let them know we care,” said Birchel.

McColly is dedicated to the community that it has been part of for 47 years.

“A lot of us grew up here. I grew up here and have never lived anywhere else. I think a lot of the agents grew up in the area, and they know it well. We want everyone to feel comfortable and cared for in the community,” said Birchel.

Cesilia Moncado, broker for McColly Bennett Commercial Advantage, appreciates being part of a company that does so much for the area it serves.

“It's been really nice to be a part of a company that is not just a big national brand. It's local, and we're able to also be a part of the local community, my community. They’ve given back a lot,” said Moncado.

With a community that is so strongly tied together, it is no wonder why McColly continues to support Region residents.

“The community is very supportive of us and our businesses--real estate, title, school of real estate and commercial. They believe in us as a family-owned and operated company whose roots are in Northwest Indiana. My father was born in Northwest Indiana as were my brother and I, our spouses, and our children. It's important to us to give back to the community that we call home,” said McColly-Fleener.

Lori Tubbs, Managing Partner of McColly Bennett Commercial Advantage, shares in the holiday spirit and celebrates another year with McColly.  

“I am appreciative of all the people in our company that do the work for the community, and I'm so incredibly grateful for being a part of that. People’s hard work goes a long way,” said Tubbs.

With hearty smiles, McColly Real Estate wishes everyone happy holidays and good fortune with the upcoming new year.

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