Mary Hawkins of Addison Pointe Joins the NWI Nurse Honor Guard

By: Addison Pointe Health & Rehabilitation Center Last Updated: February 25, 2019

Mary-Hawkins-of-Addison-Pointe-Joins-the-NWI-Nurse-Honor-Guard-2019The NWI Nurse Honor Guard was formed this past June to fill a need in our community. The organization sends approximately 4 - 5 nurse volunteers to the funeral of a local nurse at the request of the family/or nurse. They provide a beautiful tribute that honors the nurse’s career including a final roll call and extinguishing of the lamp of knowledge. They also offer to stand vigil at the visitation to pay their respects as well. All of this is free of charge as the NWI Nurse Honor Guard representatives consider it a privilege to send off one of their own. Many volunteers have come together to donate their time making this idea a reality.

Mary Hawkins of Addison Pointe joined the NWI Nurse Honor Guard because it is a great way to recognize nurses’ hard work and the sacrifices that nurses has make during their tenure. The organization is unique as the only one currently in the state of Indiana. For those interested in joining the NWI Nurse Honor Guard or for those interested in having a loved one honored, more information can be found on Facebook: