Market Research Firm Launches Online Module for Commercial Clients

purdue-research-parkBusiness executives in all sectors who need quantitative and qualitative research about their competition, clients and brand could benefit from an online module recently launched by a firm based in the Purdue Research Park of Northwest Indiana.

Saqui Research LLC launched its Getting It Focused Today program when founder Ursula Saqui saw business leaders struggling to focus on a target market, trying to do something to improve the focus but not having the budget for market research.

"These businesses struggle to connect with and engage more customers, increase sales and retain current customers," she said. "The information provided in the Getting It Focused Today module lays out a roadmap for companies to follow. It tells them where to focus resources and marketing messages."

The module includes do-it-yourself market research assignments, supplemented by instructional videos and best-in-class readings that Saqui curated or wrote over the past five years. The assignments can be completed throughout the week whenever it best suits the client. Saqui also conducts weekly chat sessions online to allow participants to ask questions, share insights and celebrate successes. Saqui limited the number of clients in the first module in order to track the participants and understand them better in order to advise them during the weekly chat sessions.

"Company officials who need to focus on their brand, customers and competition would benefit the most from this module. They might have been in business fewer than five years, or maybe they have never taken a research-informed look at these areas," she said. "They need to be motivated to complete the assignments, setting aside approximately two to four hours a week."

Saqui said she developed the online modules to focus on specific topics in the three subject areas of branding, customers and competition.

"We currently are developing a module to help companies map out their customers' experience to better understand the important touch points in the sales and follow-up process," she said.

Saqui recently earned the Professional Researcher Certification from the Marketing Research Association by completing all the application, continuing education and examination requirements. The certification standards are designed to increase consumer understanding of research and foster premiere professional standards in the profession.

"The Professional Researcher Certification from the MRA means a lot to me because it validates the quality of work that I do for clients," she said. "The MRA is a prestigious organization that provides first-class resources to professionals who are serious about their work in the marketing research industry."