Links of the Week: Optical Illuisions, High School Imposters, and LeBronageddeon

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: May 14, 2010

Over the last few days, all of the talk in the sports world seemingly revolved around LeBron James and his ineffective and almost uninspired play in Game 5 against the Celtics in the NBA Playoffs. So much hype and torch-passing has already begun with LeBron to become the "next Michael Jordan".  He was picked by many analysts and experts to lead the Cavs to the NBA Championship. This was his seventh season, it took MJ seven years to win a title. This was supposed to be his year.

With all of that hype, coupled with how quickly the ceiling has fallen for LeBron, we'll be experiencing a summer filled with questions, theories, and rumors, about LeBron. Will he go? Where will he go? Should he stay? Is he really the next Jordan? Will he ever win a championship? The non-stop prognosticating (and it will be non-stop) is also know by a term coined by The Big Lead: 'LeBronageddeon'.

Ultimately, though, no of that matters. With all the uncertainty surrounding LeBron (and in turn, the entire free agent class) in the next six weeks until the NBA Free Agency period begins (or longer), a lot of pieces will need to fall in to place before anything is decided. And as they say, it won't be over until the fat lady sings.

I'm just hoping she's singing in Chicago.

And so, on the note that Lebronageddeon has arrived in full force, I give you the Links of the Week:

169 Optical Illusions? Sure! Why not?

This week, a 22 year-old was discovered pretending to be a freshman in high school so he could be good at basketball there. Looks like somebody has been watching too many Drew Barrymore movies, am I right?

It's good to know that only $158 million separates me and Paul Allen's yacht. Maybe next year.

Two Beatles movies are in the works... pretty cool, right? The first is based on a book from one of the employees at their Apple Corp. business who befriended The Beatles. The second? Well, um... here's an excerpt:

"The story portrays John Lennon as a zombie guitarist from Liverpool who kills and reanimates his three band members. The quartet create hits and bloody mayhem across the world as they snack on fans' brains. The book also features Mick Jagger as the UK's best zombie hunter, and Yoko Ono as an eighth level ninja. There's even a scene where Jesus agrees with a zombie John Lennon that the Beatles are bigger than him."

Earlier this week, someone found a hack on Twitter to make it seem as though you had 0 followers and 0 people you were following. They fixed it pretty quickly, but for those on Twitter, it was a pretty big deal. Upon hearing the news, everyone who isn't on Twitter let out a simultaneous "Meh...", I'm sure.

If you're the type of person who has never adjusted their Facebook privacy settings, here's a graph that will make you get on that right away.

This Week in Un-warranted sequels: The Rock (Okay, fine. Dwayne Johnson) is going to star in the fifth Fast & Furious movie, 'Fastester and Furiouserer'. (Okay, it's not really called that. But it should be.)

There's just something about these videos that is missing without Bob Saget...

Deadspin's Drew Magary generally is a writer that I never link to from this site because he is generally so profane, but he occasionally writes for, which forces him to tone it down a bit. Here is a nice piece on the future of movies, in particular, 3-D movies. I'm 100% on board with people like Magary and Roger Ebert, who think the 3-D thing isn't good for the film industry as a whole. I can't wait until the year 2021 and I can watch VH1's I Love 2010 when future-Hal-Sparks makes fun of 2010-Hal-Sparks for jumping on the whole 3-D fad.

Hey, the FCC is doing something I agree with! (*looks outside for flying pigs*)

And for your video of the week, here is a sixth grader dominating Lady Gaga's Paparazzi: