Links of the Week: March Madness, Nirvana on Ice, and 119 Words and Phrases Banned from WGN

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: March 12, 2010

This stretch of mid-March through early April is my favorite stretch of the year. Its basketball 24/7.

Its tournament week for college basketball (meaning high-quality basketball being played from 11am-11pm or later), followed by Selection Sunday, followed by the craziness ensued from everyone filling out their tournament brackets, then the Big Dance starts. THEN we have three weeks of basketball, followed by the Final Four weekend.

I love it- I look forward to this stretch every year. Very few things are as entertaining to watch on a Thursday afternoon than these tournament games. It has to be better than Dr. Oz, right?

Here is the "Bryce Drew" One Shining Moment. I'm giddy. Here are your Links of the Week:

Pretty star studded cast in the latest Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch, Handsome Men's Club. I forgot to call back, otherwise, I would have been where Rob Lowe was.

My question is: Why was there a Zamboni on a lake in the first place?

Normally, I try and stay away from political stuff on these Links of the Week blogs, but any time you can get most of the SNL presidents from way back when, I have to link to it, right? By "way back" I mean Fred Armisen as Obama, Will Ferrell as Bush, Darrell Hammond as Clinton, Dana Carvey as Bush, Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan, Dan Akroyd as Jimmy Carter, and Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford.

This link has been sitting in my Links of the Week Vault for months, and every time I read it, it confuses me more and more. Former MLB star Bobby Bonilla accepted a deal from (obviously) former Mets' GM Steve Phillips that will pay him $1.2 million every year for 24 years in exchange for leaving the team and not making the Mets pay $6M for one year. *Bangs head on desk*

Zach Galifianakis killed it hosting SNL last week.

The newest Batman movie is currently being written! Yes! The bad news is the same director/writer combo wants to start a Superman trilogy as well. How many reboots of a franchise do we have to sit through before its realized that you can't make a good movie about a virtually invincible superhero?

I went four for six in my Oscar picks last weekend, which wasn't so terrible. In my defense, no one from The Lake House should have ever been allowed to win an Oscar, and it was the Olympics' fault that Avatar didn't win. Moral victory for me.

The new South Park season starts next week, here is an interview of creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker with the New York Times.

WGN CEO Randy Michaels actually made a list of 119 words & phrases he wants to never hear on the air again, probably because of how often they are aired. Here's the list. Not quite as bad as George Carlin's, right?

When I promise something as majestic as "Nirvana on Ice", I deliver: